Lady Killer

Wallace shall hereafter be referred to as the Lady Killer.


I’m just going to go ahead and warn you: this is a picture filled post. I hope you don’t mind too much.

20140913-DSC_0002 20140913-DSC_0039 20140913-DSC_0040

I have no clue what’s on Layla’s teeth, but I think Papa gave her candy.

He is a drooly little man, but now that he’s teething, its only gotten significantly worse. I’m swapping out bibs three times a day because he’s soaking through them so quickly. I knew I didn’t have enough here to last the few days we were out of town, so before we left, I whipped up several of these bandana bibs which do an amazing job of soaking up drool and spit up.


This black and white bib is made with Alison Glass’s Sunprint Feathers in black and Chambray Union Slubby Dot20140913-DSC_0067

This one is made with Chambray Union Slubby Dot and Muddy Works Stars double gauze. 20140913-DSC_0092 20140913-DSC_0080

How dapper does he look?

20140913-DSC_0104-2 20140913-DSC_0007

om nom nom. Look at those legs! 

20140913-DSC_0057 20140913-DSC_0028

I’m partial to this Liberty print and Chambray Dot bib. Its definitely my favorite of the bunch! Next in line has the be the one in the picture below. I can’t resist those Bostons on lawn!


These are absolutely perfect for my little man. They do the job, and they’re so darn cute! I can’t wait to make more for him. I love the Liberty one so much, I’m not going to hold back this time. He’s getting a whole bunch in Liberty!




A giant thank-you to Emilee for the pictures! You did an amazing job with this squirmy little four month old!

See you back here next week!



I really enjoyed reading your comments about spending time with your children. They’re the most important parts of our lives, and taking that purposeful time to just do something with them is so crucial- and rewarding.


This week we’ve taken a little time off from the normal schedule to go away for a few days with family. Its not been the most relaxing trip by a long shot, but its been as relaxing as taking a vacation with a four month old who won’t go to anyone but me can be.

photo 1 photo 2

We’ve spent the last couple of days floating in the lazy river, and Layla has stolen her papa away to swing her until he feels like his arm is going to fall off. The rest of the time I’ve spent trying to coax Wallace to go down for a nap. Poor little man is frustrated that he can’t just get up and run around with Layla, and he gets so overstimulated that we need to get those naps in to refresh him. I keep telling him that’s its alright for him to be a baby, but I don’t think he’s buying it.

photo 3

Its been nice to get away from our normal scenery, but I am eager to get home to the husband and be in my own bed. And by the way, Layla would be in more pictures with me if she loved me as much as her grandpa. :) She loves me a smidge more, I think, but no one else exists when Papa is around.

Stop back by tomorrow to see the studliest little fellow modeling his new bandana bibs.


Opposites Attract : Handcrafted and Chambray

Drum roll, everybody! Today’s the day you get to get your hands on Opposites Attract! I thought we’d celebrate its debut with a brand new version of the quilt.


What do you think of it in Alison Glass‘s upcoming line, Handcrafted? I’m kind of obsessed with it. This fabric is utterly delicious, and you must have it when it comes out!


I wanted to make a version to show you the color versatility of Opposites Atttact, and how beautifully the pattern looks with an in-color-order color scheme.

20140908-DSC_0009 20140908-DSC_0006

I’ve included lots of color inspiration in the pattern so you have lots of color arrangement possibilities. But in case you like to dream up combinations of your own, I’ve included a blank pattern coloring page that I hope you go absolutely crazy with. Its a great tool for planning the perfect quilt in any of the five sizes (or mix it up and make whatever size you want!).


Currently, Opposites Attract is available in my Etsy shop. After checkout you will be automatically sent a PDF file which includes 18 pages of step by step instructions with photos, quilts, and color inspiration. If you’d like to read more about my inspiration behind this pattern and see my original version, click here.

What are you waiting for? Go get a copy and start making your very own Opposites Attract Quilt! Be sure to add it to the Olivia Jane Handcrafted Flickr group and use #OppositesAttractQuilt on Instagram!

Happy crafting!



And the winner of a brand new Liberty iPhone case is, docksjo!

RNG 9122014

Congratulations! I will be emailing you shortly with details.


Be sure to check out Flowery in Hand on Etsy if you haven’t already. She offers a wide array of gorgeous Liberty print iPhone cases. I bet you’ll have trouble narrowing down your selection once you start looking!

See you back here Monday with the release of Opposites Attract!


Planning, Planning

I have a whirlwind of a week happening here. Between trying to finish up two quilts (hand quilting one, machine quilting another), and preparing to head out of town for a few days, I’m feeling a little swamped. Excited, though, not overwhelmed.

Today I’m thinking about a twin size Opposite Attract quilt. I wanted it to be done by now, but other things keep jumping to the top of my To Do list. I’m sure you know how that is.


I’m trying to be realistic about completing things so I’m not let down when they aren’t finished right away. I have this quilt drawn up, and I think its going to be a stunner with all this Cotton + Steel goodness, so its worth waiting a little longer. Also, I want to enjoy the process, and if I have too many things going at a single time, it tends to spiral toward chaos and seem much less like a thing I enjoy. And I love my sewing time. I don’t want to compromise it!


Speaking of Opposites Attract, the planned release date is MONDAY!!! Are you ready for it? I have one more version to show you before then, and if you love it half as much as I do, it will leave you gushing!


Back to the topic of planning… this book came out like a year ago in the UK. Turns out you can’t just hop onto Amazon and order a book that’s released in another country. They changed up the cover, and finally made it available on this continent. Its called The Liberty Book of Simple Sewing, and its just that. Its filled with easy sewing projects for around the house such as a lampshade, a doll, placemats, and quilts. Of course all the projects are done in Liberty, so if nothing else, its a book full of fabric eye candy. :) I’m planning on making the Libby doll with Layla as a special just-the-two-of-us project. We don’t do enough of that these days.

I’d love to know, from those of you who have children, what do you do for “special time” with your little ones? How do you purposefully set aside time for that? I find that I do have to be very intentional about that time with Layla or it just doesn’t happen. Because there’s always sewing to do. I always have dishes and laundry piling up. Things just come up, so I have to just ignore all those things (and let’s admit it, the housework is easy to ignore), and spend time with my girl. What are your thoughts?


Full disclosure: Links to Amazon are affiliate links. If you purchase, I will get a few cents toward the purchase of a book. 

Oliver + S Baby Carrier

Remember that embroidery I showed you last week? Well this is what we’re turning those bits of stitching into.


Layla and I haven’t quite finished our project, but I wanted to show you her baby carrier. This was intended to hold Pup, her beloved stuffed dog, but she bought a little horse that she wanted to show off instead. The horse is cleaner than Pup, so that’s just fine with me. :) Pup fits better, however. I’ll have to get him to model the next batch of carriers so you get a better sense of the shape.


This pattern is from Little Things to Sew, a very favorite children’s sewing book. Its full of very practical and cute projects for kids. And its written by Liesl Gibson who I think is the bees knees.


We used some Chambray Union and Anna Maria Horner velveteen to make this fancy little carrier.

Layla loves her carrier, and I think its adorable. I carry Wallace around in the Moby wrap sometimes, and she told me she wanted one too. And while this isn’t a Moby, it is certainly functional and far more practical for a child than a mile long piece of knit fabric wrapped and tied all around. I can’t wait to show you the rest of them!


Liberty iPhone Case Giveaway

I love Instagram. I love being able to communicate with crafty friends instantly and see updates on sewing projects throughout the day. Its like Facebook, only I’m interested in looking! I stumbled across Flowery in Hand (@yyifl) a few months ago, and had to follow because her profile was filled with these amazing Liberty print iPhone cases. I wanted all of them one, but I knew we’d be getting new phones in a few months, so I held off. Christmas came a little early (actually Verizon was just giving away free 5Cs), so I got the chance to order one! It took an entire week to narrow my selection, but after consulting with multiple people, I finally decided on this one in Edenham.


Before I even got the case, I was impressed with Flowery in Hand. Her prices are fantastic (as are her shipping rates), and her turnaround is very fast. I had my case in a week all the way from England!


The case is just what I expected- its ridiculously cute! It is textured, which I initially thought was weird because I had gotten used to the smoothness of the phone. But seeing how I had already dropped the phone a few times because it slipped right out of my hand, I quickly learned how beneficial it is to have a little texture (it helps with grip). I really do appreciate that!


Flowery in Hand is a new Etsy shop and I think she does a fantastic job. I know I’ll be ordering again (I really need this one in pink and this one in blue). I let her know how much I loved my case, and Mrs. Lynch was kind enough to offer up a case for me to give away to one of you lucky ducks! So here’s what you need to do to enter to win the case of your choice:

1. Go like Flowery in Hand on Facebook or follow on Instagram (@yyifl)

2. Go take a look at her shop, and tell me which case you like best!

You may leave a comment for each of those giving you two chances to win one of these awesome cases! And do consider supporting her new and awesome shop anyway- you’ll have the cutest phone around. I’ll choose a winner on Friday.

Good luck!


Handcrafted : A Stunning New Collection from Alison Glass

I’m preparing to release my all new pattern, Opposites Attract, in the next couple of weeks. When Alison Glass offered to send me some of her brand new fabric to make up a quilt, I was just thrilled! I don’t have a finished quilt to reveal quite yet, but I must show off this fabric!


I saw glimpses of the line from Market and it was enough to leave me longing for the moment I would get my hands on some of the fabrics, but in person… whoa! It is really something else.

The prints are pretty minimalist in design, but the colors are just what you would expect from Alison Glass, saturated and vibrant. I’ve never seen anything quite like these fabrics. The feel and the hand is quite a lot like Liberty tana lawn. Its light and drapey and gorgeous.


I wish I had the perfect words to describe the designs. While some of the prints are two tone, others are a background color with almost ombre designs. The dying process [which I'm eager to hear about in detail] causes the print to be almost exactly the same on the front and backside. In fact, its almost impossible to distinguish which side is which. I love that!


I got to FaceTime with Alison last week, and she was telling me the process of dying these fabrics is really quite fascinating. Apparently the fabrics are strung between trees, and the dye is applied while the fabric is suspended. Like I said, I’m eager to learn more about this process because I’m just mind blown by the fabric. You really have to see it in person to be able to take it all in. I’m not sure of the exact release date, but I think these fabrics will be available next month. You’ll want to get at least a fat quarter bundle! (and just so you know, a fat quarter bundle will be perfect for making a throw size version of my Opposites Attract quilt, which I’ll be showing you next week!)

You’ll want to stop back by to see the latest version of my quilt, but I also have some other sewn goods to show you and a great giveaway lined up for next week.

Have a great weekend!


A New Liberty Dress

Before I had Wallace, I ordered some of this print from Jones and Vandermeer knowing that I wanted to use it for a dress after I gave birth. In my mind, that was going to be right afterward, but in reality I waited three months because it has taken that long for my body to feel normal. I formulated a plan for this dress (a must, as I do not experiment with my Liberty), and got started.


I’m nursing Wallace, so I knew I would need a button placket on the bodice. Because the Michelle, My Belle dress is my most favorite, I started with that top, and went from there. I’m chestier than I was prior to pregnancy and giving birth, so I added an inch to the total circumference of the bodice. And because I needed the button placket, I cut two separate front pieces, and added the center section after I had sewn the lining to my front pieces.


I wanted a fun, flirty, and very feminine skirt, so I went altogether different with that part of the dress. I decided a partial circle skirt would work best for the look I was going for. I’m so glad I did that, because the skirt is my favorite part of the dress! Isn’t it fun?!


As always, I fully lined the dress with Free Spirit solid voile. And it occurred to me that I’ve never showed you what exactly that looks like, so I had my sister take a couple of shots of the inside of the dress.

20140903-DSC_0003 20140903-DSC_0004

See? It basically makes the dress reversible (if only the zipper were reversible and this fabric wasn’t sheer). I guess what I’m saying is, its finished; the inside is just as clean as the outside.

20140903-DSC_0017 20140903-DSC_0025

Thanks for dropping by! Be sure to come back tomorrow for some fabric eye candy- as in some of the most beautiful fabric you’ll ever see!


Stitching and things

I hope you had a relaxing Labor Day weekend! I took a bit of a break from the million and one things I had going to do a little embroidery for a Layla-and-me project.

photo 2

(I apologize for the phone pictures! My photographer has been out of town, and I can’t work magic like she can! :) )

photo 1

We haven’t totally finished our projects, but I did manage to complete the embroidery portion.

photo 3

I just love hand stitching. Since I’ve been between my cutting table and machine almost constantly the past few weeks, some peaceful handwork was a very welcome and relaxing break. I’m hoping Layla and I will be able to finish this up in the next day or two so we can share with you what these are becoming! She’s so excited.

photo 4

Tomorrow I’m showing off a brand spanking new dress I made last week with a most favorite Liberty print I’ve been saving! I can’t wait for you to see it!