Let’s talk about Quilt Market! Before I get into the booths and the incredible talent I saw, I have to tell you a bit about my personal experience with the travel and being in a city! I’ll keep it short and show you the good stuff. I traveled to Minneapolis last week. It was the […]

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Things have been quiet in this space for a week or so, but it hasn’t been so in real life. I’ve actually done more sewing in recent weeks in preparation for Quilt Market than I normally do in a month or more. I feel like I can’t even pack that whole experience into a single […]

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That’s what I’ve been caught up in this week! I haven’t been this busy in a while. May is a packed month for me. Wallace turns one on Tuesday. We’re celebrating today before my sister moves away in the morning. I don’t think I’ve had time to process both of those things yet, but I […]

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  • lorna

    I’ve followed you for a few months on IG and just clicked over to your blog today. What a lovely place :). Really love your style and use of color.ReplyCancel

  • omg! he’s walking now!! plus, i think you have solved the mystery of how to coordinate girl / boy outfits! love how it all works together :)ReplyCancel

After my first attempt at the Carolyn Pajamas ended up being too snug on my bottom half, I wasted no time in starting up my next pair, crossing my fingers for a perfect fit!  While I have several one yard cuts of Liberty, I’m quite limited on the two (+) yard cuts. I did happen […]

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  • Meredith, these are so pretty! They look great on you. I love the Liberty fabric you used and the flat piping is such a lovely contrast. I need to make myself another pair of Carolyn pajamas with shorts this time around.ReplyCancel

  • super cute! I bet my girls would love these.ReplyCancel

  • i LOVE these! can’t help but think you’ll go to bed with happy dreams :)ReplyCancel

  • Ceileigh

    Hi Meredith!

    Did you get a new sewing machine? I need a new one and am VERY overwhelmed about what is best/cost effective/good for sewing clothing and quilting, but not buying more machine than I need. If you have any tips about how to go about buying a new machine I would REALLY appreciate it!

    Thanks so much, your work just gets more and more beautiful!

  • These are too pretty to just wear inside!!ReplyCancel

Today I want to talk to you about buying fabric. Its something that is useful for every crafty person who needs fabric regardless of what your budget is.  So let’s begin with budget. This is your beginning point, and its the bottom line. Some of us have very little to work with, and others have much […]

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  • Kay

    This is a great post. I love Liberty too and would rather have something I love and will use carefully. I have previously bought fabric that was on sale because sit was a good price and then never used it. Now I am more careful with my money and fabric choices.ReplyCancel

  • Elizabeth J

    Great points! I myself am wary of “fabric clubs”. They sound really great, and I joined one for a year. I ended up spending money on fabric I didn’t love and have not used to this day! Then you have to resell it, or make a scrap quilt with all of your not-loved fabrics. Not fun at all!ReplyCancel

  • Ivy

    Thank you for this. I am trying to be more of a curator, too.ReplyCancel

  • Lisa Clark

    Thank you! I love all of your points.ReplyCancel

  • Carolynne Gordon

    Enjoyed the sentiments in this post. My mother was a fabric hoarder, and when she died we had to dismantle her sewing room. Aaaargh. I decided that day not to collect anything anymore. I became a quilter and learnt to trust that I would find what I needed, when I needed it. It’s become a metaphor for living. And as I buy second hand fabrics, mostly, from markets and thrift shops, it tests the premise further. And it generally works for me. Good luck, good nouse, along with a bit of magic.ReplyCancel