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Welcome to my blog! Here’s a little bit of my story if you’re interested.


I’m 27 and married to a wonderful man and we have a very spunky eight year old daughter, a persnickety three year old son, and an adventurous two year old son who keeps me very busy everyday. When I’m not chasing after the boys or schooling Layla, I’m always thinking of what I can make next.

My interest in quilting began forever ago when I was probably about seven. I remember going to my Nanny’s house and asking her to teach me to make a quilt. I wanted so badly for us to have our own little quilting circle that was made up of just the two of us. Unfortunately I was never able to learn the skill from her, but she has continued to inspire me with the quilts we still have that she made so long ago.

I received my first sewing machine when I was 14 and I think my most successful project was a pillow. While sewing did not occupy much of my time during my teen years, I still loved making things, so I scrapbooked until the wee hours of the morning fairly often.

In 2009 when I was pregnant with Layla, I really had a desire to sew everything for my new baby. I really developed a gungho mentality once a good friend of mine introduced me to Amy Butler’s fabric. Shortly thereafter I discovered the work of Anna Maria Horner, and realized just how beautiful and enjoyable sewing could be.

My new adventure in sewing quickly became my passion. I wanted to learn all that I could about fabric, color, and technique. I learned primarily through trial and error, as is most often my style. I sewed every moment I could, and in 2010 I felt I had developed my skillset enough to open up an Etsy shop.

Olivia Jane Handcrafted is really just an extention of my passion. It is a way for me to create those things I love such as quilts for other women and children. Its a way for me to share my modern style with others.

In the past few years I’ve grown as a sewist, and I’m now making the majority of new clothing for Layla and I, and several things for my boys as well. Its an aspect of sewing I never thought I would be interested in, but now is a subject I very passionately babble on about on here on a regular basis.

This blog is a way for me to talk on and on about my projects and adventures in sewing and crafting. Justin, my husband, has a limit on the amount of fabric talk he can handle, so this is my creative journal. I document what I am working on currently, and you’ll even read about my personal life at times as I cannot possibly be real without sharing bits and pieces of myself with you. I do hope you find a bit of joy when visiting my blog and I would certainly love hearing from you!

Thanks for dropping by!


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