Happy Birthday, Layla!

Wednesday was Layla’s birthday. I can’t believe I have a four year old. For some reason, perhaps because I know I’ll have another one in just two months, this birthday has been easier to accept than any in previous years. I didn’t cry. So that’s definitely a first. But perhaps the reason is because I know she is most definitely four now. She’s a big girl and she likes to do big girl things. She is the most independent, fierce little girl I’ve ever encountered, and she does think she’s the same age as I am. That part’s a little very scary. I already know our son will basically have two mothers. :/

We had a wonderful day celebrating her. She and I spent most of the day together anticipating her party (she only knew she was having a party- not who would be there or where it would be). We read the Dr. Seuss birthday book, and she and I hung out and chatted while I burned off some of my nesting energy doing some much needed cleaning.


As opinionated as she is, I’m so glad she is appreciative. This year things are incredibly tight with having to prepare for Baby, so I didn’t even have coordinating plates and cups. She didn’t care a bit, and that totally made my feelings of guilt melt away. She loved her Brave cake, and thought the frosting was fantastic. Of course she didn’t eat any cake!

We went bowling with both sets of grandparents and aunts. Layla just sort of chucked the ball however she felt she could, and I think she beat almost everyone’s score. The bowling guy only had to go get her stationary ball twice. I can’t knock her. Even though there were a few times we thought she’d be five by the time the ball got down the lane, she did a heck of a lot better than most of us. She loved every second, and seeing her eyes light up every single time a pin fell made my heart so full. I want to bottle that excitement and keep it forever. Her innocence and youth is so precious.


Layla was showered with many gifts. I think she likes the thrill of opening more than the actual gift. I need to remember that if I want to gift handmades, I need to do that just with her, not in a party scenario because they will most assuredly get passed over for that high quality WalMart stuff. Remind me of this next year, okay? I gave her her Liberty quilt which she has been sleeping under (the animal backing was a big win), and a messenger bag filled with goodies. I’ll be showing that off on Monday.

20140305-DSC_0106 (1)

Thanks for stopping by and reading, even though this post was probably more for me than anything. I’m sorry its been so quiet this week! Now that we’ve passed the big day, hopefully I’ll be able to focus on other projects a bit more.


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