Embroidered Bohemian Dress

A month or so ago, the folks at Janome sent me a new machine to play with. At the time, I was so busy with orders and the holidays, I just let it sit and sit and sit. I think after all the time it sat there looking at me, I got a little intimidated by it. Then a couple weeks ago, I was up at night wanting to make something, but I didn’t want to finish the thing I should have completed prior to moving onto a different project. So my new machine beckoned me, and I grabbed the manual and dove right in Meredith-style. I’m an all or nothing girl. Janome Skyline S9 Anna Maria Horner Embroidery Boho dress

In just a few minutes I had my fabric hooped up, and was stitching out my first embroidery design by Anna Maria. By the next day, I think I had 6 or so designs stitched out, which are being used in an upcoming project that I’m doing with my kids. Janome Skyline S9 Anna Maria Horner Embroidery Boho dress

I quickly discovered that machine embroidery is a deep, deep rabbit hole, and once I started, I just couldn’t quit. I cut out the bodice from my go to dress pattern, and stitched a rose design (also by AMH) onto it.

The dress is of course the Michelle, My Belle Dress from Liberty Love  (amazon link) which I’ve made a thousand and two of. I modified this one in several ways. I added the butterfly sleeves using the pattern piece from the Deer & Doe Magnolia Dress.Janome Skyline S9 Anna Maria Horner Embroidery Boho dressJanome Skyline S9 Anna Maria Horner Embroidery Boho dressJanome Skyline S9 Anna Maria Horner Embroidery Boho dress

I also curved the waistband into a V on the front, which I really love. It would look better here had I taken the time to sew the lining down rather than rushing to get photos, but hey! I’m excited to share.Janome Skyline S9 Anna Maria Horner Embroidery Boho dress

I added pockets using some of Anna Maria’s Loominous collection, and I shortened the skirt. That last part was not part of my initial plans, but I was working with a fabric remnant, and I just needed to make it work. Thankfully it did, and its not risqué or anything!Janome Skyline S9 Anna Maria Horner Embroidery Boho dress

I’m not ready to give you a full rundown on the machine, but I wanted to tell you I stitched out the rose design on the Janome Skyline S9. It was super easy. I had no prior instruction, I just read part of the manual around midnight, and decided to go for it. It really was very straightforward and simple! I just had to press START and it whizzed away. I am very excited to talk a lot more about it in the coming weeks, and I plan to do a few videos to show you how the machine works. Janome Skyline S9 Anna Maria Horner Embroidery Boho dress

And finally, I’m a full day late sharing my dress, but I am finding when it rains in Tennessee it stays gray pretty much all day, and the rain may stay for days. I guess I’m used to the Florida rain which means the sun can be fully shining while it rains torrentially for five minutes, then its done with. Layla took all these pictures for me, and the glare just about did her in. I was excited to see some sunshine, and she was mad at the sun for glaring. Janome Skyline S9 Anna Maria Horner Embroidery Boho dress

I guess we can’t win. Still, I think her sun glare picture looks kinda cool. :)

this post contains an Amazon link which means I get a couple cents if you choose to buy the product. Same low price, but I can use it toward future projects instead of all of it heading to Amazon. 


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