And then there were two : sister to the epic AMH quilt

Remember this quilt I showed you last month? Well I made a smaller version of the quilt top at the same time I made that one, and this one has been sitting patiently waiting her turn to be quilted and finished. After I finished the kantha style Liberty quilt that took hundreds of hours, one would think I would take a small break from quilting, but I just could not resist it for a moment and the next day I was working away on stitching the layers of this bold and colorful quilt together.AMH hex strip quilt

I followed the same pattern of quilting on this version- each strip is quilted, and either side of the six big triangle shapes have also been quilted which created such a cool texture on both the front and the back of the quilt.AMH hex strip quilt

The front of the quilt is all quilting cottons from Anna Maria’s collections from the past ten years or so, and because I made this quilt smaller, I was able to use a long hoarded piece of Little Folks voile (circa 2009?), as the backing. I want to say this one finished about 54″x60″ or thereabouts. The back is so soft! I love backing quilts in lawn and voile, because it ups the snuggle factor!AMH hex strip quilt AMH hex strip quilt

I love the green print on the back, and I think the leopard print binding is the perfect frame on both front and back of the quilt. Leopard print is a great bold pop, but its also a perfect neutral, and I can’t imagine liking any fabric better for the binding.AMH hex strip quilt AMH hex strip quilt

I posted a peek of the quilting of this on Instagram, and I got a bunch of comments and messages about how it was made. I wrote about my process for this design on the post for the original quilt, and you can read that HERE.AMH hex strip quilt

Since I stay fairly busy with commissioned work, I haven’t finished many personal quilts in the past several years, and some of the ones I have finished, have been bought up before they’ve ever had a chance to be used, so I find that we are lacking quilts in throw sizes around here. We have no shortage of kid and baby quilts since I’ve always made making those a priority with each child. But when I reach for a quilt on the couch, I often have to go searching for the one we do have that’s meant for adults as it gets used for fort making and other adventures. I’m very pleased to say, I’ve managed to maintain possession of this quilt, and its been used several times already for extra snuggles while working, reading, and even when the husband and I have been able to sneak in episodes of Father Brown and Sanditon. Perhaps its a selfish thought, but its nice to have a quilt for the husband and I when I spend so much time making quilts for others that I’m bound never to see again- and I LOVE making those too! It just feels special to be able to keep one every several years or so. That makes sense, yes?AMH hex strip quilt

And while we are talking about quilts, I can’t resist mentioning that once this one was finished, I picked up another quilt top from my stack, and have since basted it and begun quilting. This quilt was another borne from my want of having a few more throw size quilts at the house, and I’m thrilled with the progress thus far. I’m hoping to have another completed quilt ready to show you next week! In the mean time, I hope you’ll pop back in to see something I made for my oldest daughter this week. :)


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