Adventures in Pillowmaking

I recently made some pillows for a good client of mine as a sort of “I’m sorry it took me so long to make your twelve curtains” gift. I chose fabrics from the same line as the curtains which I hope to show you soon. The fabrics are from Amy Butler’s Belle collection, and I think they look great as pillows!


I quilted the fronts of each pillow, and used a hidden zipper closure on the back. That zipper method is my most favorite for pillowmaking because I think it looks very clean and professional. You can find a tutorial on it here.



He [my client] absolutely loved the pillows, and I’m so happy that I saved them for a surprise.


I’ve been working on a couple more pillows I hope to show you this week! I’ll also be showing off a couple of other things I’m starting in preparation for birthdays and Baby!



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