A New Chapter

Its high time I begin a fresh, new quilt for our bed. It’s not convenient and I don’t have extra time, but sometimes one must make time for special things! 

The last quilt I made for our bed was back in 2012. I made Anna Maria’s Spinning Stars Quilt with her Innocent Crush collection. That quilt holds such a special place in my heart, I can hardly express my love for it in words. It was the largest quilt I had made up until that point and I saved and saved pennies and dimes to buy the fabric. When I realized I didn’t have a good solid to pair, Anna Maria came to my aid and her great big heart supplied me with a variety of coordinates for my special quilt. I’ll never forget getting that package in the mail and being so very moved by her kindness.  

 I hand quilted so many stitches on that quilt. It was truly a labor of love.  

 Our bed seems to be a popular spot for the whole family to gather. There has been many a tickle fight on that quilt. Tears, hugs, and giggles on it. It makes a wonderful place to hide during hide and go seek, and it makes a stellar fort. But perhaps the most special thing about this quilt is that it represents home. You see, not even the bed we have slept in for the past six years belongs to us. It is part of the house we rent. But the quilt is ours. It’s our comfort. It’s ours.  

 Just as we wrinkle and blemish with age, so our beloved quilt is beginning to show the marks of years of love. I want to preserve it, so I must begin a new labor of love. Our next quilt will see us through the next phase of life- building a home that is our own. It will represent something altogether new, and I’m so excited by that.  

 As I progress on this quilt, I’m sure I’ll keep posting about our family journey as well. These beginning years of our family life have been marked by struggle and it’s just enormously encouraging to be able to dream of not constantly being in that state. God is always so faithful in the hard times as well as the good, and I’m just so thankful for His provision. 


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