6 Months

I’m still stitching away on my current craft, but I can’t resist popping in to show you some of the pictures Emilee took of Wallace on his six month birthday!! How has it been half a year already?


Wallace is sitting up on his own without any wobbles.


He still hates tummy time, and I doubt he’ll ever crawl because he doesn’t stay down enough to practice.


He does, however, love pulling himself to a standing position by grabbing onto anything above him. He has us busy walking him around the house. I’m thinking he’s trying to trim down those yummy thighs?


And what do you think of those little teeth?! They popped through about two weeks ago, and they hurt! As in, they hurt your fingers or whatever he decides to chomp down on!


We’ve slowly started food. He’s only gotten breast milk, and will not take a bottle for anyone. Not even fresh pumped milk. But he reaches for everything in sight to put in his mouth. I eat with my plate in the middle of the table just to keep the contents there and avoid broken dishes. But he’s not at all psyched about a spoon of oatmeal (though he has done extremely well keeping it down), and any attempt at fruit has been met with immediate projectile vomiting. SO we’re working through that. His doctor says he has an extremely tiny air hole which means anything can cause spit up. This has certainly been the case thus far, but I didn’t expect it with food. So now you know what I’m working on this month. :) I need it (his eating) to work out so I can get out of the house with my husband for the first time since Wallace has been on the outside. Cross those fingers for me!


Getting to know Wallace has been an adventure indeed. He is the polar opposite of Layla which has meant lots of challenges, but also many rewards. He is all about me, which I love, but even that comes with a challenge (like constantly having to carry around is 21lb body, while doing everything else I need to do). He has a bubbly little personality, and almost always has a big grin on his face. We love him to pieces, and I’m so happy I now have a son and Layla has the brother she’s always wanted. They just adore one another in such a special way. He’s held my heart since I saw that positive sign, and I’m practically gushing now. Thanks for letting me share my big baby boy with you. :)


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