The trouble I get myself into

I do really well pinching pennies until its time for my sponsor shops to get a good restock. Jones & Vandermeer has a kryptonite-like effect on me. In the best possible way, of course. :)

Here’s a sampling of the latest additions. DSC_0039

They got in a bunch of madras style Liberty prints that are downright swoon worthy! I was *really* well behaved and only got one. This one (Capel) is classic lawn. I know this will become a garment of some sort, but I just can’t decide what. I kind of want to make another Washi top since I live in them while pregnant, but I also want to be able to wear it not-pregnant. This is what one refers to as a “first world problem”- I assure you I’m not in agony over this, but I should make a decision. DSC_0040

Its a little brighter than this, but I did my best in the overcast weather.

Next is one of my all time favorites ever- D’Anjo in purple IN KNIT. Yep. I have plans to turn this glorious cut into a Tippi style sweater– another wardrobe staple, though I wear these as much as possible when the weather cools down. I will not take it off November-March, I tell you. DSC_0041

Could the colors be anymore awesome on this Thorpe? AGH! This is a swimsuit fabric that feels so amazing, and looks even better if you can believe that. It couldn’t be more “me”. I already have my swimsuit pattern ready, so as soon as I finish up my latest batch of orders, I will be turning this into a maillot for me, and I’m even hoping to squeeze out a little one for Layla! I will be that mom for this Liberty. This one’s not up on the site yet, but will be soon!

And this tiny Wiltshire- isn’t it lovely? This fabric is a silk crepe and its just gorgeous. I’m definitely picturing a flowy top, or perhaps a gathered skirt (picture a tulle midi). Its so pretty, I know it will take a lot of nerve to cut into it, so I have to be sure about my decision. Although I’m like that with every fabric, so I don’t know why I pointed that out…. This one will also be on the site soon, but in the mean time look at the other prints in this beautiful substrate!DSC_0043

This one needs little explanation. Anna’s Garden… I purchased the white background one for this robe, and didn’t think I’d ever get my hands on more. When I saw this colorway pop up in the What’s New section, I nearly reached through the screen. Words don’t even do justice to this huge scale print. DSC_0045

I actually have it hanging on my wall in our dining room right now. Initially I though I would make the most beautiful dress ever, but once I unfolded it to take it all in, it seemed wrong to fold it back up and shelve it. It seems wrong to even consider cutting it. I may just make the most epic whole cloth quilt ever and then hang it on the wall and look at it some more because it is that stunning.

Well I won’t go on about my ridiculous love of beautiful and unique prints. I was happy to share that I got some new substrates and I’m really excited to share the projects with you. If you haven’t stopped by Jones & Vandermeer in the past week, you’re definitely missing out. They have added a TON of new stuff- so much that it doesn’t come close to fitting on their What’s New page. Consider yourself enabled. :)


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