I have a 3 month old

Today marks three months since Wallace was born.


I really have no idea how it has been three months already, but another part of me feels like he’s been a part of me forever. I’m so happy that he’s finally here and I’ve gotten to spend the past few months just getting to know him. He has such a happy, bubbly personality. He’s been smiling for a while now, and we are just eating that up because his sister made us wait FIVE months before she cracked her first smile (she is not easily amused).

20140811-DSC_0055 20140811-DSC_0060

Wallace spends his time watching both his human and dog sisters, and chatting it up with me (who he loves most!).




He’s still a big boy. At over 16 lb, most people in public think he’s anywhere from five to seven months old. He’s heavy to tote around for sure, but I’m so glad he’s not a delicate, tiny thing. I do love a baby with abundant rolls!




Wallace loves his hands! He doesn’t take a pacifier, and he’s never quite gotten his thumb to poke out and go in his mouth, so he just plays with his hands. He drools like nobody’s business, so he’s often wearing a bib and shoving as much of that into his mouth as he can. Its so funny how different children can be about these things. Layla loved her pacifier, but Wallace prefers hands and clothing.


He’s doing great sleeping through the night, and for the most part sticks to the same schedule every day.


We just love him to pieces! He has us ‘oh-ing’ and ‘ah-ing’ all day long.



Happy 3 months, Wallace!


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