For Layla

So I’ve been wanting to make this project forever. 

Since I purchased Handmade Beginnings by Anna Maria Horner back in 2010, I really have been itching to embroidery Layla’s name in a similar fashion. I don’t know what held me back at first, but for this year I had been waiting and waiting on Anna’s Love from A to Z pattern to come out so I could incorporate those letters into the embroidery.

I got the pattern several weeks ago, and had to finish my current projects before I started another. (I do try to do things that way, but I’ll admit some things get thrown on the back burner if I just can’t wait!) I finally got to stitching, and I’ve finished the “L”.

This is not the “L” that came in the pattern, but a leg of the “N” combined with my own little creation for the horizontal line. I embroidered the “L” onto muslin, then mounted the muslin onto some Little Folks voile so I could have a pretty background. All of the canvases will have a Little Folks theme, by the way.

Since there are two a’s in Layla, I’m going to use a pattern from Anna’s Needleworks Notebook to make my own “a”.

It’s exciting stuff, this embroidery. I’m so happy it’s something I know how to do because I cannot just sit in front of the TV. I get so bored and restless if I don’t have something to sew, and since I finished my needlepoint bolster a long time ago, I’ve needed something to fill the void. I’m ridiculous like that. Justin has gotten used to it. :D

You know I’ll keep you updated as I stitch through Layla’s name! I’m so excited to get all the canvases on the wall (and maybe some new paint)!


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