Embroidered Denim Jacket

I have another Layla post for you today. A post about her leopard print dress is forthcoming, but first we are going to show you something a little different! Today is all about her embroidered denim jacket that she customized using the Janome Skyline S9. denim embroidered jacket

Layla bought a denim jacket because she has decided they are a super cool, entirely necessary wardrobe staple. She’s also been making her way through some shows and movies that I watched growing up which has inspired some of her style lately. After watching Freaky Friday with Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan, she felt the need to embellish her jacket so it was unique and totally her style. She also wants to play the electric guitar, but we are tackling one thing at a time over here. denim embroidered jacket

Of course there are many ways to personalize a denim jacket with embroidery, patches, pins, and so forth. Naturally Layla wanted to do all of them. She started off with some patches and pins. I have had the Boston patch from Anthropologie for years, so I am thrilled it is now being enjoyed! denim embroidered jacket

I have the Skyline S9 which is a super amazing combination sewing/embroidery machine, and she had a ball choosing designs that are built right into the machine. Layla also chose her color palette. I got her jacket hooped up properly, but after that, she did all the work. denim embroidered jacket

Her favorite design on her embroidered denim jacket is the large floral design centered on the back. It is one of several designs from Anna Maria Horner featured on the machine. I have a limited edition print of this design on the wall in my studio space that she really likes, so that was what inspired her choice here. I love the colors that she chose! The black thread really makes the rest of the colors pop. denim embroidered jacket

The feathers are also Anna Maria Horner designs. They fit perfectly in the space!denim embroidered jacketdenim embroidered jacket

Adorning the top right shoulder is a swooping bird stitched in black. Again, I just love how this black stands out so well against the light blue denim.

I feel like Layla’s style reflects my own when I was her age. She gravitates toward styles from the 2000s which I think is because it was a time of people trying new things to have their own look. Looking back, many of us laugh and question our choices, but I think the want and willingness to be individual is always great. Layla has always marched to the beat of her own drum unencumbered by the opinions of others, which I so admire. She doesn’t care what is in style or what anyone else is wearing. denim embroidered jacket

So this embroidered denim jacket is the epitome of Layla style. I love it. I am sure she will add more designs as time goes on. She has even said she would like to embroider some things by hand in the future. denim embroidered jacket

I suppose the next step is looking into guitar lessons. Having a garage band was undoubtedly the peak of coolness during the too-short punk rock era. I wouldn’t mind it making a comeback. Perhaps we ought to look into sound proofing our garage first.

The next time you are here, you can read about Layla’s leopard print dress. I want Layla to be able to share her experience sewing with you as opposed to me chatting about it. I am excited to hear her perspective on garment making!

I am asking for comments on this post- I want to know what item you personalized growing up, or what particular garment was essential to your style in your youth. I definitely loved low rise jeans and any top that nipped in at the waist. I couldn’t pull that off now that I’ve pushed four children out of my body, but boy was it the thing then. Now its your turn- no holding back on me!


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