Granny blocks and some fabric

Without any huge projects on my plate at the moment, I’ve had plenty of time to tackle some small projects today. I love having the freedom to be able to accomplish small things, simply for the gratification of it.

First up, I finished the backing on the Patchwork Prism Sham (which I won’t show until tomorrow), and I also made a pillow form for it. To make the form, I just made a muslin case and packed it to the max with Poly-fil. I don’t like Poly-fil at all, but I didn’t want to have to order a feather pillow form and have to wait to get it. I really like that I have more control over the shape with a feather pillow, but my impatience won over my preference, and thus I have a polyester filled pillow.

Second, I tackled some granny square blocks that Hilary wanted us to make. It was her month in Bee Connected, and I have to say, I enjoyed the simplicity of these blocks, and I think they are quite charming.

I also received some fabric today. The Curious Nature and Michael Miller solid (from Hawthorne Threads) are for a custom quilt I’m making for a customer. These will only be for the backing, binding, and some borders, and I’m still waiting on the remainder of the fabric to arrive from Moona.

The Melody Miller typewriters are all mine. My Sew, Mama, Sew email came with the announcement they had the print in stock, so without a moment’s hesitation, I ordered a yard, knowing I will most certainly use it.

That’s all I have for you today. I’m going to go ahead and cut into the Curious Nature tonight, so that I have it already prepared when I receive the rest of the fabric. I do hope you have a wonderful afternoon with plenty of sunshine (unlike the gray skies that Debby is bombarding us with).


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