We are the champions, my friend!

So I totally have this song going through my head now that my Spinning Stars quilt is now complete. As dramatic as it sounds, I really feel like I am triumphant in a big way. Its taken about three months to make this quilt from start to finish.

Its a queen size, finishing out at 90″ x 108″. Its humongus. It was difficult to find a place high enough to take a good picture. There are no two-story houses where we live, so Emilee, Layla, and I rode out to Boca Grande to the lighthouse to get some pics.

Emilee did a great job capturing this beautiful beast of a quilt, especially since we had all that wind coming off the ocean.

I quilted it completely by hand using Perle 5’s. It certainly took a long time, but seeing those thick stitches is totally worth every second. You cannot beat the texture of a handquilted quilt.

The drape of this quilt is amazing. Its the perfect weight, not too heavy despite its massive size- I mean, its heavy to hold the whole quilt, but not to lay under it.

The binding is one of my favorite parts. I just love that AMH print, and there’s so much of it to adore. 396 inches to be exact. I used a blindstitch to attach the binding. I have a strong dislike for machine stitched binding. I just love the clean look of doing it by hand, and even though my hand is sore from the repeated movement over several hours’ time, I wouldn’t do it any other way.

I’m so thrilled to be finished with this quilt. The pattern is fantastic, and I am so in love with the quilt. I’ve folded up my old quilt, and I’m ready for this new quilt to grace my bed for a long time to come. I’m very proud of it.

I do need to thank Anna Maria for sending me that wonderful bundle of fabric to help me out with the making of this quilt. And I also want to thank my dear Emilee for taking all these gorgeous pictures for me.

I’ll be back on tomorrow for a refreshing change in [project] scenery. I hope you have a wonderful evening!


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