The shared space : a work in progress

So many things happen in preparation for a new baby! And I swear each consecutive child has required more, not less, despite popular belief. We live in a two bedroom house and are about to be a family of five. Wallace is still in our room (I hate admitting that) because until just a few months ago he was still waking up several times a night and I wanted Layla to continue getting good, uninterrupted sleep. Well it’s time for the two of them to share a room so we can have the newest addition in our room in just a few short months. So we set out to transform Layla’s room into a shared space.

My vision for this room was to try to accomplish a shared space that was not gender neutral. I didn’ want unisex everything; rather, I wanted the room to reflect both of the children in the greatest way possible without having aesthetic chaos. With a pep talk from the paint lady at Home Depot, I chose several colors and my mom and I painted the room. You only get to see the shared main wall and Layla’s side today since Wallace’s side is still bare. It’s a work in progress!

 The main window wall is a metallic copper Ralph Lauren paint. I completely adore it!! Layla’s wall is purple, and the whole wall beneath the chair rail is white (at the moment- I am going to add some black vinyl decals of some sort later on). I’m using black and white in the rug and lower wall to create a high contrast and pull together the various colors in the room.

 Anyway, more about Layla’s side! I finished hand quilting her quilt and made her a few new pillows. Her bed is an explosion of Anna Maria Horner and Liberty of London. It is bright and so very saturated with every color. I think it fits her spunky personality exactly.

 On her walls are a horse print from Sarah Jane, the Poppies print from Anna Maria, and a gorgeous wrapped canvas with loads of AMH goodness from one of my dearest friends. She also has a strand of lights above the pictures adorned with tassels in every shade that we made on Sunday. The pictures were taken before we hung them!

I just love this happy space. It’s such a huge change! We are trying to do what we can with the space we have, so there was a major toy purge several weeks ago. It’s was necessary and felt great to let go of unwanted things. Their toys are in the closet and the space under the beds now have sliding drawers for clothes. We dont have need of a dresser which allows them plenty of space to play on the rug.

 I suppose it would be remiss if I didn’t mention that they also share their room with Olivia. I feel safer having her in their with the kids and she doesn’t seem to mind…when they’re sleeping.

 I can’t wait to show you Wallace’s side! I am slowly getting what I need as the budget allows, so it may be another month before I get to show you the finished room.



  1. It is looking so beautiful! We are in the same position as you, 2 bedroom, two boys share a room and baby girl lives with us. It is tight and not ideal, but what can you do? Make the best of what it is!

  2. I just wanted to share that our 2 kiddos (6 year old girl and 2 1/2 year old boy) have shared a room since our son was 9 months old. Amazingly they never wake each other up – not from crying, or even full bed strips in the middle of the night thanks to a terrible belly bug. We had finally saved up enough for a tiny addition to add another bedroom, but decided to use it to by some adjacent land instead when we realized our kids would be devastated to be separated at this point. We know the day will come, especially with the age and gender difference. But for now, they love it. Congrats on the toy purge, we do this often as well as we have chosen to live in a tiny house with the people we love, not mountains of toys.

  3. My three older kids share a room since the baby boycotted when we added an extra person to his space. We’re a family of 6 in a three bedroom and so far it’s worked out great. I love that you chose to not go for gender neutral, I may do something similar that reflects the personalities of each child. I have one daughter who is really mellow and one who is not so much. :) Both boys are pretty chill, but you’ve given me some thoughts to add to their room.

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