School is in session.

Today marks the beginning of our school year. Layla started second grade, and I’m starting preschool with Wallace. I am endeavoring to be as organized as possible this year because I know my kids thrive under the structure, and also because it leaves me feeling less like I’m constantly drowning. Layla is continuing a classical style of education under Classical Conversations. This is her third year in that program, and I’m thrilled beyond measure to be joining a new group in our new state. I’m already so much more comfortable with this particular group, and I’m also excited because I’ll be teaching 5-8 year olds a six week embroidery/hand stitching course while the older children are in their classes.

Anyway, we are supplementing Layla’s classical curriculum with a writing course, grammar course, history, and math. She will also be doing lots of reading. I like to aim for 2 chapters a day. Her classical curriculum covers history, math, English, Latin, science, and geography, so she ought to be well rounded.

I’ve decided to start Wallace on some schooling early on. He’s three, but we have been going through “Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons” which has been around since the dawn of time. Layla hated this method and didn’t do well with it at all, but I think she was the exception. Wallace is really enjoying it, and asks to work on it every day. It also seems to be helping his speech which is a huge plus. He was a [very] late talker, but he may be an early reader! I do hope he will love books. We will also be working on learning numbers and shapes and other basic things!

I’ve spent much of the last week preparing for the school year, so aside from a gift quilt and mending all the husband’s pants, I haven’t had much time for making. Now that we have begun, I am planning on a 9am-12pm school day, so we should have plenty of time for chores and creativity during the second part of the day.

The gift quilt I’ve been working on is one of two quilts I’m working on for some siblings, and I can’t wait to show you! Here’s a little sneak peek:

Anyone want to see the mending? ha! It truly is the dark side of sewing. That and hemming pants.

Do you sew more or less once school starts? I imagine its the opposite for homeschooling moms and those that send their children to traditional schools.


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