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Tomorrow I’m headed to Tampa with my girls Layla and Emilee for a fun filled weekend. We’ll be shopping and dining on Friday, and on Saturday, I’m headed to a sewing class taught by none other than Mrs. Anna Maria Horner. I know! I’m ecstatic to meet her, and I just know it will be a load of fun.

I’m supposed to bring some notions and tools with me, and since I didn’t want to just carry them separately in my purse, I decided I needed a little book to hold my sewing essentials.

I made it this afternoon using a bag of small scraps of Good Folks given to me by a friend who knows how much I adore the line. It is made only of scraps that I pieced together in true improv style.

On the left side, I have a zippered pocket to hold safety pins. This side also has a detachable flannel piece to hold some hand-sewing needles.

The right side contains four slots, and a band. I’m using one for scissors, one for my rotary cutter, and the band for my small embroidery scissors. I also included a flap to prevent any of my tools from falling out.

I chose to finish off the binding by machine (I know! What has gotten into me?!). I still don’t like to do it that way, but I thought it would be alright for this small project.

The outside of the “book” has been quilted my machine. Its not perfectly straight, but its fairly difficult to tell when its closed, so I’m not losing sleep over it.

I may not blog again until Sunday or Monday since I’ll be gone having an awesome time, but I do hope you have a wonderful weekend and get much accomplished.


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