Babies bring out the best

I was recently asked to make a unisex quilt for a not-yet-born baby. I was excited by the challenge to go gender neutral yet stay within my vibrant style. I don’t think the person who commissioned the quilt was concerned with the style as much as they were with gender neutrality, but it was important to me. 20150416-DSC_0064

So here we are. I dug deep into my sacred Little Folks stash to piece together this voile top. Babies do need buttery soft quilts! 20150416-DSC_006620150416-DSC_006820150416-DSC_0076

I adore this fabric. It definitely won’t be open to commission in the future, but it did remind me I need to make some family quilts with these gorgeous, bold prints. 20150416-DSC_0069

The back of the quilt is a print from Juliana Horner, the daughter of the great Anna Maria who designed all the rest of the fabrics. I’m not an orange person. I’ve never owned an orange garment since I have red hair, and I’m just generally not drawn to the color. But man does it do all the right things here. It makes me want ALL of this fabric. 20150416-DSC_007120150416-DSC_0073

I did hand quilt this one, as you can see. It seemed only right. That and I’ve been sewing on Layla’s Hello Kitty machine for a couple of months now and there’s no way in the world I’m going to quilt anything on that machine.

The binding is a favorite of mine- its a voile print from Anna’s Innocent Crush collection. I’m trying to track down more of it for this very purpose, so if you know where I can find it, let me know! 20150416-DSC_0077

I so loved putting together this quilt. I hope the little baby whom it was made for will cherish it for years to come. Quilts are really special in that way, don’t you think? They become so connected to our lives. My, what stories quilts would tell if they could talk!

Have a beautiful weekend!



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  • Lauren aka Giddy99

    It’s beautiful! Stitcher’s Garden in Franklin, TN has quite a few AMH voiles from Little Folks, etc., but not sure if they will sell online – you might have to go in person. It’s not a store for the claustrophobic, or thin-skinned.

    Whatever you do, NEVER EVER ask them if they ever have sales (they DO NOT, EVER). I’ve heard they will run you out of the store if you ask.ReplyCancel

  • This is SOOO lovely!! I am certain the parents (and the babe, eventually) will cherish it!

    (I found your blog googling ‘hand quilting voile w perle cotton’ ~ I just finished a quilt top (with quite a few AMH fabrics :-) that will be backed w some AMH voile. I assume it’d be an absolute dream to quilt, but then I got worried that the tighter weave may not be so nice to hand-quilt after all – but it sounds like it will work fabulously…
    Funny thing is – I recently finished a quilt that took me about 150 hours to make, so I wanted a quick project. This one fit the bill, and the blocks went together quickly, and were so much fun to make. I wanted to use wool batting, but that seemed almost wasteful, since i was going to machine quilt it (save the good stuff for hand-quilting, ya know? ;-) I talked about it with my husband, and he’s like, “So, basically, you’re going to take all that work (it really wasn’t all that much…) and go with something that you think isn’t as nice for this quilt, because of $15 -$20??” Gosh, put like that, the wool batting was a no-brainer :-) THEN – I started thinking, maybe I should hand-quilt it….)

    I’m looking forward to poking around your blog a bit more as I get the chance ~ what I’ve seen so far is lovely!ReplyCancel

    • I’m so glad you stumbled across my blog! I LOVE quilting voile by hand. Really, hand quilting is my go to method because I’m way better at that than machine quilting. And I think those lusciously soft fabrics like voile and lawn just beg for a little hand quilting. I’m a sucker for a quick, well done project, but honestly its the one’s that take the longest and the most love that I treasure the most. We only get so much time here, so I like to spend it doing what I love rather than what I like. Thanks for stopping by and don’t be a stranger! :DReplyCancel

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