Caravan Tote


I was recently commission to make a Caravan Tote for one of my very best customers. Gosh, I’m glad she requested this particular bag! Its Anna Graham’s (of Noodlehead) newest pattern, and its a really good one.


I had lots of fun choosing coordinating Aurifil for the topstitching!

Its a very roomy tote with an outside snap pocket and outside zip pocket with slots for holding a host of knitting needles (or pens and pencils, perhaps). 20150313-DSC_0141

The inside features a slip pocket with grommets which I believe are for easily guiding yarn when knitting right from the bag. (They’re not pictured because I wasn’t able to insert them until after the pictures were taken.)20150313-DSC_014820150313-DSC_0146

The bag also comes with a coordinating pouch pattern, which really is a fun addition. 20150313-DSC_015720150313-DSC_0153

I loved making this bag. Its a well constructed bag, and a heavy-duty one at that. Anna is so great at using the perfect interfacings and linings so that her bags are perfectly structured. I love that even though this is a hand crafted bag, it is well made and it has a polished appearance. 20150313-DSC_0137

I also loved being able to use this amazing print from Anna Maria for the focal print. I didn’t get to enjoy this fabric when it debuted with Good Folks, but I’m certainly enjoying its rerelease with Folk Song. I chose coordinating prints and solids, including the grey floral from Anna Maria’s Honor Roll collection, XOXO in yellow from Cotton and Steel’s range of basics, and a few RJR Cotton Supreme Solids. The black chambray is from Andover- its texture is perfect and its a great weight for crafty items (heavier than Kaufman’s chambrays). As always, I used my favorite metal zippers from ZipIt.

I’m excited to show you what else I’ve been working on lately. The blog has been much quieter than I would like, but I’ve been a busy bee on the sewing machine!


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  • This is on my to-make list! Your version is lovely.ReplyCancel

  • This looks fantastic! Love the fabrics and everything you picked out for this!
    P.S. Is it totally weird that snaps freak me out!? ha ha I love the look of them but have never got around to trying them!ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer

    I have read your blog posts and wanted your opinion- you have made both the Super Tote as well as the Caravan Tote… in your opinion which do you like better? which is great for a adventurous beginner? I am a knitter so will more than likely lean towards the Caravan but I have already purchased The Super Tote and have sat on the pattern way too long… trying to wrap my mind around what fabric to use where (in regard to placement)..


    • Hands down I would say the Caravan Tote is superior. It’s fast to make, I like the structure, and it’s not at all difficult. The Super Tote isn’t bad- it’s a great bag, but the bag I carry constantly is the Caravan Tote. And I think you’ll certainly like it better if you are a knitter because it’s perfect for holding yarn and needles. ReplyCancel

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