The Feather Bed Quilt

I’m so excited to finally be writing to you about the Feather Bed Quilt I made! Since it was a gift for a dear friend of mine, I had to keep things hush hush so I wouldn’t spoil the surprise.

I might have had a hard time packaging this one up and letting it go. But making this gift gave me such sweet joy that parting with this quilt was also wonderfully fulfilling. My friend emailed me a picture of colors she liked, and I basically went from there. I gathered up pretty much every print I had that went with her color story, and began cutting and piecing together Anna Maria’s Feather Bed Quilt.

I took the quilt along with me to Orlando, and spent my time there quilting it. I kept the quilting very simple, simply outlining the feathers with coordinating Perle cotton. I also quilted the stems so from the back, all the feathers were visible.

I think the minimal quilting works well for this quilt, especially since it is not lacking imperfections with all that sewing on the bias. I’m certainly looking forward to putting my bias sewing skills into practice with another Feather Bed quilt or two. I must have atleast one around here!

This quilt measures 72″ x 72″, which I think makes a great couch throw. I hope it will be perfect for snuggling with her husband.

I absolutely recommend this pattern! The only thing I changed from Anna’s instructions was that I sewed my strips together in a slanted sort of fashion (similar to the way Cindy makes chevrons here), so that I could get maximum feathers from each stripped block of fabric. I ended up using 18″- 21″ strips and I was able to get atleast 6 feather halves from each of those blocks.

Thanks for stopping by!


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  • I’m freaking out about how gorgeous this is!!! Absolutely stunning! I know I say this every time, but you really inspire me to try hand quilting. Bravo Meredith!!ReplyCancel

  • Lisa McGriff

    It is beautiful. I know it is such a great feeling to much so much of yourself in a gift for someone you love.ReplyCancel

  • I love this! I am getting ready to make a feather quilt myself, I just can’t decide if I should make a baby one first or just go for a twin for my daughter. Sometimes I like to make a small one before I go big. I don’t know. You have really inspired me with your hand quilting. I am working on a baby spinning stars now. I can’t wait to finish. I tried to click on the link for the chevrons, but I couldn’t get it to go??!! Your friend is going to love this gift!ReplyCancel

    • Thanks, Jenn! For the chevrons link, try going to Her post is fairly recent! And I always thinks it is safe to try a small quilt prior to venturing to a large one. In fact, I made my daughter the crib sized Spinning Stars Quilt prior to making one for my husband and I in a queen size. Can you really go wrong with an Anna Maria pattern?ReplyCancel

  • That is so clever, thanks for the link. NO you can never go wrong with AMH~ever!ReplyCancel

  • This quilt is absolutely gorgeous! I have a stack of FQs that I would love to use! Do you think they would work for this pattern?ReplyCancel

    • Absolutely! I didn’t use any piece longer than a FQ. If you alternate the direction of the feather up an down as you go, you should be able to get like six feather halves from each pieces section that’s no longer than a FQ. Also to make the most I my pieces, I staggered the strips so they were slanted like the able o the feather.ReplyCancel

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  • Nicole

    Hi Meredith, I was wondering what size you square up your feather blocks. The pattern doesn’t seem to specify this. If I square them up to 18×9, my feathers that I turn to the side end up being too short :( Do you have any advice?

    Thank you!ReplyCancel

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