Some of this, some of that

I’ve begun quilting the Spinning Stars Quilt. Here’s few pictures of that. (The colors are way off, but for whatever reason I can’t fix it- maybe its the fact that I have a cheap Kodak)

Also, I’m pairing up Echo prints for Swoon blocks. I’m going to be having my Bee mates make Swoon blocks next month. It seems like it has taken forever to get here, but I think the timing is just right. I can’t wait to receive all the finished blocks and stitch this baby up. I’ve been wanting a Swoon Quilt since the day Camille debuted it on her blog. SO EXCITED!

I suppose that is all for tonight. I hope to have some Mildred bags to show you soon (I may have been using Layla’s having a fever to procrastinate, but in my defense, who can devote the time to making 24 bags while paying adequate attention to a sick two year old?)


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  • Elizabeth

    Your quilting is beautiful! It makes me want to get started on a spinning stars quilt with my AMH scraps and fabric I have leftover from my swoon quilt!ReplyCancel

    • Goodness! Thank you so much! This is the second Spinning Stars Quilt I’ve made and the pattern is just wonderful. Its only the second quilt pattern I’ve ever from another person, but I highly recommend it!ReplyCancel

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