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This week has been wonderful. It started out a whirlwind, much like the past two months for me. Then I had this realization that I can be content. I should be content. God has given me the blessing of being able to sew, and rather than rushing through everything as though I’m racing myself, I need […]

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  • Favourite fabric and my favourite pattern. Perfect!

    ps I dont snip my placket and it is just fine!ReplyCancel

  • Oh my! That is so adorable in the Hope Valley fabric. Wishing I had a little girl to sew for!ReplyCancel

I made three Ice Cream shirts back in November, and just loved the pattern. Layla wears them all the time, so I knew that the dress version would be great as well. I’ve got all the pattern pieces cut out, and as soon as I finish the dishes, I’m off to make Layla her first dress of […]

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I think its the year of the baby. Every person I know is having a baby or just had one. And when new life comes into the world, that means its time to make something special. For a little girl who was born last month, I made this Patchwork Sleep Sack from Anna Maria’s book Handmade […]

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  • Tiara

    This is so amazing! Definitely putting it on my to do list whenever the next baby may comeReplyCancel

  • Needlewoman2

    The sleep bag is just gorgeous; I love the colours, and the creamy yellow really sets the pinks up beautifully. I’m intrigued by your use of the term ‘voile’. I assume you do mean a fabric different from quilting cotton – even the better quality sort. Where do you find it, and is it much harder to cut/sew than quilting cotton?

    Thank you; I’m really enjoying your blogging


    • Voile is different from quilting cotton. It can certainly be used in quilts, which is something I do quite often. Its also perfect for garment sewing. Its the softest fabric ever. It’s cotton (at least AMH voile is) and it has a very tight, fine weave making it very strong and sturdy. I could give your my views on it, but its better coming from the master herself. Here’s post Anna Maria wrote about her voile fabric:

  • So cute, Meredith! Voile and flannel sound so cozy and perfect for a sweet little one.ReplyCancel

I’m so excited to finally be writing to you about the Feather Bed Quilt I made! Since it was a gift for a dear friend of mine, I had to keep things hush hush so I wouldn’t spoil the surprise. I might have had a hard time packaging this one up and letting it go. […]

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  • I’m freaking out about how gorgeous this is!!! Absolutely stunning! I know I say this every time, but you really inspire me to try hand quilting. Bravo Meredith!!ReplyCancel

  • Lisa McGriff

    It is beautiful. I know it is such a great feeling to much so much of yourself in a gift for someone you love.ReplyCancel

  • I love this! I am getting ready to make a feather quilt myself, I just can’t decide if I should make a baby one first or just go for a twin for my daughter. Sometimes I like to make a small one before I go big. I don’t know. You have really inspired me with your hand quilting. I am working on a baby spinning stars now. I can’t wait to finish. I tried to click on the link for the chevrons, but I couldn’t get it to go??!! Your friend is going to love this gift!ReplyCancel

    • Thanks, Jenn! For the chevrons link, try going to Her post is fairly recent! And I always thinks it is safe to try a small quilt prior to venturing to a large one. In fact, I made my daughter the crib sized Spinning Stars Quilt prior to making one for my husband and I in a queen size. Can you really go wrong with an Anna Maria pattern?ReplyCancel

  • That is so clever, thanks for the link. NO you can never go wrong with AMH~ever!ReplyCancel

  • This quilt is absolutely gorgeous! I have a stack of FQs that I would love to use! Do you think they would work for this pattern?ReplyCancel

    • Absolutely! I didn’t use any piece longer than a FQ. If you alternate the direction of the feather up an down as you go, you should be able to get like six feather halves from each pieces section that’s no longer than a FQ. Also to make the most I my pieces, I staggered the strips so they were slanted like the able o the feather.ReplyCancel

  • […] for something like this? The Feather Bed Quilt | Olivia Jane Handcrafted ? Blog I googled feather quilt Vernona Reply With […]ReplyCancel

  • Nicole

    Hi Meredith, I was wondering what size you square up your feather blocks. The pattern doesn’t seem to specify this. If I square them up to 18×9, my feathers that I turn to the side end up being too short :( Do you have any advice?

    Thank you!ReplyCancel

It has been quite a day. I spent Monday evening cutting out templates and fabric to make the Teddy Bear from Joel Dewberry’s book, Sewn Spaces. I had planned on that being a good Layla and Mommy project for today. I decided when I got up this morning I would read over all the instructions […]

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  • The bear is totally cute! And THANK YOU for being so honest about the pattern. So many independent patterns that come out now really do have a lot of problems, but bloggers always feel like they have to gloss over that or blame it on themselves. It’s not being mean, it’s just holding these designers to a higher standard, which is what we should be doing, I think.ReplyCancel

    • I was so sure I was going to get a ton of comments telling me how mean I am to say that a popular designer’s pattern is wrong. And as frustrating it might be for a person to realize that their [published] work is off, it really is frustrating for the person sewing the pattern to follow it like Gospel only to find out it is all wrong.
      I plan on making a few of the other patterns in the book, just so I can see if its a problem throughout the book, or if he was just wrong about the bear pattern. At that point, I’ll certainly post a detailed review of my findings, just so I can be as fair as possible and let people know what they’re getting if they choose to purchase the book.ReplyCancel

  • I found your post because I just cut out the main pieces of my bear–and am already about to scream. The pattern pieces do say ‘front’ and ‘back’ now (I recently got the book, it must be a new edition/printing). But with a yard of fabric rather than the called-for 3/4, I could not get the pieces to fit on-grain as I wanted them to. I have been scouring the web for errata with no luck. Thanks for the heads ups on the other issues, I will be doing this slow and super carefully :(ReplyCancel