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I’ve had several requests to do a post about sewing with Liberty of London fabric, so today I’m giving you a rundown of tools and techniques that will make the process easy peasy, and you won’t need to feel nervous about cutting into your precious lawn! What is lawn anyway? Liberty tana lawn is a […]

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  • seriously awesome! everything i ever wanted to know about sewing with liberty and then some. must try the aurifil thread…do you use ordinary needles or the microtex?ReplyCancel

    • Just a universal 70/10… and I’m sure you know WAY more about all things Liberty than I do!!ReplyCancel

  • Lara

    Thanks so much Meredith! Conveniently I ordered a set of Aurifil threads from Massdrop – they’re on route so I’ll hold off sewing until then! Such a great post xReplyCancel

  • Michaela

    I do have a stash of Liberty I’m nervous to cut into…I’m now thinking a rotary cutter might make the difference. I always love to see your photos of liberty fabrics, it makes it much easier for me to choose what to buy. Thanks for all the great tips!ReplyCancel

  • I bought my first bundle of Liberty of London tana lawn fabric. I haven’t even received it yet, and I’m worried about sewing it. Do you prewash and then starch your fabric before cutting? I’m using the fabric for quilts. The first one I want to make is Elizabeth Hartman’s Fancy Fox quilt.ReplyCancel

    • Camille! Its taken me forever to reply to comments, and I’m terribly sorry! So with Liberty I never prewash or starch when making clothing or quilts. Give it a good pressing, and you’ll be ready to sew. :) It won’t shrink.ReplyCancel

  • Scarlet

    Excellent entry. I am currently hand piecing small Liberty hexagons, and am having trouble finding the right hand sewing needle to piece Liberty without leaving gaping holes at the seams. Do you recommend a hand sewing needle/size for piecing (not hand quilting) with this fabulous fabric? Many thanks.ReplyCancel

    • For binding and really fine fabrics I use a long, extremely sharp needle that’s very fine and has a small eye called a straw needle. I’m not sure who manufactures them, but I get them from my local quilt shop. I’m assuming if you google “straw needle” you would find something that’s at least similar. I’m sorry to be so vague, but I don’t have any of the packaging on hand, as all of those needles are currently living in a pincushion.ReplyCancel

  • […] but aren’t sure how to use them. In addition, if you are new to sewing with Liberty, I have a great post written up on everything you need to know about sewing with this high quality, beautiful […]ReplyCancel

  • Mary Lynne

    I’m not familiar with aurifil thread; can you recommend a comparable product?
    What do you use to interface a collar on a dress?

  • Carol McE

    I’m glad to read that you don’t prewash the Tana Lawn before sewing as I hadn’t planned on doing that. Do you pre-wash the Free-Spirit solid voile?ReplyCancel

    • Nope! I only prewash things like quilt weight cottons if they are destined to become clothing. Voile and lawn don’t shrink and they are easy to work with unwashed. ReplyCancel

      • Carol McElhinney

        Thanks! Very helpful. I just received my Free Spirit voile and it’s even silkier than the Tana Lawn! I keep touching it and finding it hard to believe it’s really cotton!ReplyCancel

  • Julie

    When sewing garments, do you use a regular stitch length or reduce the length because of the thinness of the material? I am getting a little puckering, so I will try using a smaller needle and perhaps changing the thread, but I was also wondering if changing the stitch length would help as well.ReplyCancel

    • I don’t reduce the stitch length. I use about a 2-2.5. Getting a smaller needle and thread should take away any puckering. ReplyCancel

  • Andrea

    Regarding basting Liberty lawns for a quilt, do you use a spray basting material or pins? The basting pins I have seem way to huge to not leave marks in the Liberty. Thank you!!ReplyCancel

    • I detest basting spray. I know I’m in the minority as so many boast about how fast it is. I just use regular curved safety pins. They aren’t big- just normal size and I don’t have any issue with them leaving holes or marks. ReplyCancel

      • Andrea

        Thank you!! I’ve never spray basted and am reluctant to. Thanks again! ReplyCancel

  • Agnes Henderson

    Have a bag of Liberty scraps to practise on before I get down to some serious projects with my beautiful Tana Lawn fat quarter bundle and dress fabric. Can’t wait to get started. Thank you for all your very helpful tips.ReplyCancel

I’ve been living in my Washi Tunics for a few months now. I love that I have a range of tops I can throw on that will make me feel great even when I’m feeling my yuckiest. I’ve been getting away with wearing those and jeans to church for far too long. Valentine’s day at […]

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  • what a great dress – you look completely adorable!ReplyCancel

  • You look adorable!! Can’t believe that is a 3rd tri bump, I was such a blimp by then, haha. The dress turned out awesome, and you and your bump look fabulous in it!ReplyCancel

  • Martha

    Love your washi- so pretty:)))ReplyCancel

  • Very cute! I lived it Washi Dresses through my pregnancy. I made 3 with a wider skirt and bigger pleats so it got with the bodice. So comfortable.ReplyCancel

    • *so it fit with the bodice. OopsReplyCancel

    • That’s a good idea. I may add length to the front skirt on my next one since I know the bump will grow and pull the front up a bit.ReplyCancel

  • Agnes

    That is the prettiest washi I’ve seen! Well done!ReplyCancel

I think everyone has to have some staple piece in their wardrobe. Surely, this is true. Pre-pregnancy, it would have been a tie between my J Crew chino shorts and Jackie cardigans. And Staple and My Belle Dresses. Okay. Maybe I had a few staples I relied very heavily upon. Maternity clothes are so much […]

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Getting pregnant was such a surprise to me. We had so longed for a baby for such a great length of time, that though the idea sounded magical, it also seemed out of reach. We were certainly past the point of getting our hopes up each month. So as I said, when we were finally […]

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  • Teri

    Your Washis are so pretty! It is one of my favorite patterns out there– it sews up so quickly and is super comfortable! I want to get the expansion pack soon so I can try a Washi with sleeves.ReplyCancel

    • You’ll have to stop back by and tell me what variations you do! I’m so excited to start on mine.ReplyCancel

  • Super cute! I love the bright red, yellow, and blue one :)ReplyCancel

  • kalle

    these tops look great! i, too, am expecting; i’d love to make a few of these tops for myself. did you make any modifications to accommodate your growing belly? or is the pattern roomy enough as written?

    thanks for any tips you can provide!


    • I found the pattern to be roomy enough. I did go up from where I was prepregnancy in the bust, just because I think the bust in the pattern is a bit small to begin with, and because I’ve grown there far more than I anticipated. I’m 21 weeks and have plenty of room both around and lengthwise. But if I get really big toward the end, I may grade the pattern up to the next size and add a little length to the bottom front to keep from flashing my baby gut. But as I said, currently the fit is great, and there is no worry of showing off too much.ReplyCancel

  • Michaela

    Your Washis look amazing on you, I especially love the Liberty ones…shopping for maternity wear can be so frustrating- how great you can make things that make you feel good. Congratulations on your news!ReplyCancel

  • Mariann

    Love, love, love the tops! Hope you and your little apprentice are doing well. God bless.ReplyCancel

  • They look awesome! And so do you! I’m pretty sure she is coming out with a new top that is also very maternity friendly too.ReplyCancel

    • Oh! Awesome. Do you know what the pattern is called? Is it the one with the pleats on the front?ReplyCancel

  • oh my gosh I love all of these so much!!! It’s making me want to sew more sleeveless Washi tops now. LOVE!!ReplyCancel

    • Girl, they are so perfect for maternity! Thank you so much for this pattern!ReplyCancel

  • […] La (Sutton Blouse pattern) staple dress maternity style by Erin Always (The Staple Dress pattern) washi maternity staple by Olive Jane Handcrafted (Washi Dress pattern) maternity mercer tunic by Knitty Bitties for […]ReplyCancel