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One thing I love about Layla is that we just get each other. She is my mini-me which is awesome, but I’ll admit it can be frustrating at times. We both love doing crafty things, and she naturally assumes any image with some sort of pattern is fabric. It’s pretty common for me to be […]

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  • Lauren

    Oh my goodness, Meredith! This is amazing! I bet Layla feels so loved to have a mommy-made backpack with so many special touches. Might have to get some homeschooling info from you one of these days. I’ve been considering it but don’t even know where to start!ReplyCancel

  • Lara

    You are amazing, I am in total awe of you xxReplyCancel

  • emily

    love this and all the details that go inside! must be like opening up a box of chocolates every time :)ReplyCancel

  • […] was head over heels for this collection, so I used it for that. Back when she chose fabrics for her backpack she just went gaga over Alexia’s latest […]ReplyCancel

I recently finished up making my first ever Messenger Bag from Liesl Gibson’s book “Little Things to Sew”. I’ve made various things from the book, and tons upon tons of garments using her patterns, so I knew the pattern would be perfect! This bag is meant for a special girl who is turning six years […]

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  • Katie

    This is beautiful! I’m planning to make these for my nieces and daughter for Christmas. How!do you feel about the size? I keep going back and forth and think the smaller size might be easier to tote around and feel more like a purse. What are your thoughts on the size?ReplyCancel

    • I really love this size. It’s not like a purse, so if that’s what you are going for definitely go smaller. I like this one because it’s perfect for holding her coloring books. :) ReplyCancel

I love making things for my sister. When I got a peek of this fabric a few months ago, I knew I had to get my hands on some. I didn’t know what I would make at the time, but when you have a sister who has been obsessed with horses since popping out the womb, you […]

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I have been wanting to make this bag for months! I’ve checked the Janome + Anna Maria site almost daily waiting for its debut. Last week, when Pierette announced that the pattern was up, I dropped all plans, and focused entirely on the Right Turn Bag. It was such fun to pull fabrics and ribbons for […]

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  • It turned out great and I like the leopard print!! :)ReplyCancel

  • Cheryl

    I think this looks awesome! Is this the small size bag?ReplyCancel

    • I’m thinking this is the larger one, but I’m not totally sure! I may have made up some in-between size, to tell you the truth! Its an awesome bag, though! I get compliments everywhere I go with it.ReplyCancel

I’ve been playing around with some new bags. I know what I’m going for, and I’m excited to see what is in my head become tangible. I’ve had AMH’s gorgeous LouLouThi velveteens sitting on the shelf above my sewing machine for about nine months. I couldn’t cut into them! I think I’ve found my project for them […]

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  • love them! beautiful. maybe a tiny dot of velcro as a closure as opposed to the snap? just a thought. although i loathe working with velcro ;)ReplyCancel

  • Clover

    I love these. I havent bought any of these velveteens but this would be a great little gift. I wonder if you stabilized the snap it would work better. Did you use fusible fleese? Those velveteens are the best thing ever!ReplyCancel

    • I used a nice cotton batting as opposed to fusible fleece. I work with fusible fleece a lot, but I was attracted to batting because it has a more fluid movement than the fusible fleece. And I’ve been think about stabilizing the snap, but I hate to puncture another piece of velveteen only for it not to work. That may sound silly, but velveteen is expensive stuff! Do you have any suggestions about stabilizing it that wouldn’t make it too bulky?ReplyCancel