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One thing I love about Layla is that we just get each other. She is my mini-me which is awesome, but I’ll admit it can be frustrating at times. We both love doing crafty things, and she naturally assumes any image with some sort of pattern is fabric. It’s pretty common for me to be […]

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  • Lauren

    Oh my goodness, Meredith! This is amazing! I bet Layla feels so loved to have a mommy-made backpack with so many special touches. Might have to get some homeschooling info from you one of these days. I’ve been considering it but don’t even know where to start!ReplyCancel

  • Lara

    You are amazing, I am in total awe of you xxReplyCancel

  • emily

    love this and all the details that go inside! must be like opening up a box of chocolates every time :)ReplyCancel

  • […] was head over heels for this collection, so I used it for that. Back when she chose fabrics for her backpack she just went gaga over Alexia’s latest […]ReplyCancel

Sometimes I get the best custom requests. I love custom work in general. The process of choosing patterns and fabrics and colors, and getting to know my client’s perspective is really very rewarding. This particular client wanted a duffel style bag. She wanted me to use some of her Liberty because she didn’t know what […]

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  • Enid

    Beautiful bag and fabric choice. Will there be a step by step tutorial? ThanksReplyCancel

    • I hadn’t thought of that, but perhaps I can put one together soon. I can certainly show how to put in zippers. ReplyCancel

  • Enid

    I need a tutorial in how to sew with metal teeth zippers!ReplyCancel

  • This turned out gorgeous!ReplyCancel

Last week I was going through my bits of leather and decided they needed to be used. I had several small cuts, and offered to make some custom bags via Instagram. I had a few takers, and today I want to show you two of the bags I was able to make. First, I got […]

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  • Love that Tiffany blue leather, I just picked up a scrap of gorgeous teal and a maroon leather scrap the other day!ReplyCancel

  • I love my bag! I can’t wait till I get it in the mail :)ReplyCancel

  • wowzers! that robin’s egg blue leather is so yummy!ReplyCancel

  • Greg Frisk

    Wow! these handmade leather bags are incredible! I’ve seen custom cosmetic bags very similar to these, but nowhere nearly as well done as these. Awesome job and I cant wait to see more of your work.ReplyCancel

I was recently commission to make a Caravan Tote for one of my very best customers. Gosh, I’m glad she requested this particular bag! Its Anna Graham’s (of Noodlehead) newest pattern, and its a really good one. I had lots of fun choosing coordinating Aurifil for the topstitching! Its a very roomy tote with an […]

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  • This is on my to-make list! Your version is lovely.ReplyCancel

  • This looks fantastic! Love the fabrics and everything you picked out for this!
    P.S. Is it totally weird that snaps freak me out!? ha ha I love the look of them but have never got around to trying them!ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer

    I have read your blog posts and wanted your opinion- you have made both the Super Tote as well as the Caravan Tote… in your opinion which do you like better? which is great for a adventurous beginner? I am a knitter so will more than likely lean towards the Caravan but I have already purchased The Super Tote and have sat on the pattern way too long… trying to wrap my mind around what fabric to use where (in regard to placement)..


    • Hands down I would say the Caravan Tote is superior. It’s fast to make, I like the structure, and it’s not at all difficult. The Super Tote isn’t bad- it’s a great bag, but the bag I carry constantly is the Caravan Tote. And I think you’ll certainly like it better if you are a knitter because it’s perfect for holding yarn and needles. ReplyCancel

A couple of weeks ago I got a custom order for a Super Tote (pattern from Noodlehead). We went back and forth on fabrics and finally decided that Michael Miller’s Glitz fabrics were the perfect choice. My client actually decided on all the placement, so I can’t take a bit of credit for that.  Isn’t […]

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  • This is just the neatest bag. I love the metalic fabric, it really does make it glitzy! I’ll have to add that pattern to my list of bags I’d ike to try making, it looks like a very useful bag style for me!ReplyCancel

  • such a fun bag!!! love how it came out :)ReplyCancel