Planning for the Weekend

I’ve been wanting two things for quite a while now and little did I know that uniting the two would bring me the perfect solution. I wanted to make Anna Maria’s Feather Bed Quilt, and I wanted to make a quilt using these fabrics:

I don’t have much of the fabrics you see here, so I didn’t think it was an adequate amount to make a quilt. So I’ve been holding out on that, waiting to get enough cash to supplement the fabric I have to make that quilt. We’ve been doing some serious penny pinching around here lately, so I just figured getting any more fabric would have to wait for a long time.

What was stopping me from making the Feather Bed Quilt? I wanted to use Field Study, and since I’m not spending money, I just assumed that would have to wait as well.

And then it hit me. Why the heck do I not use the fabric that I have and use this pattern? The pattern requires a minimal amount of printed fabric, and if arranged properly I bet I can stretch what I have to make a quilt! I’m so excited now that I’ve had this lightbulb moment.

So it looks like I’ll be spending my weekend and the next week making some really pretty feathers for a quilt! I’ll have to show you what I’ve come up with on Monday or Tuesday.

Thank you, Anna Maria, for being so awesome and coming up with this fabulous pattern.


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