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Welcome to my blog! Here’s a little bit of my story if you’re interested.


I’m 25 and married to a wonderful man and we have a very spunky five year old daughter and a one year old son who keep me very busy everyday. When I’m not chasing after Layla or feeding and tending to Wallace (so those precious moments when they’re asleep at the same time), I’m always thinking of what I can make next.

My interest in quilting began forever ago when I was probably about seven. I remember going to my Nanny’s house and asking her to teach me to make a quilt. I wanted so badly for us to have our own little quilting circle that was made up of just the two of us. Unfortunately I was never able to learn the skill from her, but she has continued to inspire me with the quilts we still have that she made so long ago.

I received my first sewing machine when I was 14 and I think my most successful project was a pillow. While sewing did not occupy much of my time during my teen years, I still loved making things, so I scrapbooked until the wee hours of the morning fairly often.

In 2009 when I was pregnant with Layla, I really had a desire to sew everything for my new baby. I really developed a gungho mentality once a good friend of mine introduced me to Amy Butler’s fabric. Shortly thereafter I discovered the work of Anna Maria Horner, and realized just how beautiful and enjoyable sewing could be.

My new adventure in sewing quickly became my passion. I wanted to learn all that I could about fabric, color, and technique. I learned primarily through trial and error, as is most often my style. I sewed every moment I could, and in 2010 I felt I had developed my skillset enough to open up an Etsy shop.

Olivia Jane Handcrafted is really just an extention of my passion. It is a way for me to create those things I love such as quilts for other women and children. Its a way for me to share my modern style with others.

In the past few years I’ve grown as a sewist, and I’m now making the majority of new clothing for Layla and I. Its an aspect of sewing I never thought I would be interested in, but now is a subject I very passionately babble on about on here on a regular basis.

This blog is a way for me to talk on and on about my projects and adventures in sewing and crafting. Justin, my husband, has a limit on the amount of fabric talk he can handle, so this is my creative journal. I document what I am working on currently, and you’ll even read about my personal life at times as I cannot possibly be real without sharing bits and pieces of myself with you. I do hope you find a bit of joy when visiting my blog and I would certainly love hearing from you!

Thanks for dropping by!


  • Mariann Bond

    Good luck! Your work is beautiful. Come to visit anytime. I know Bill would
    enjoy seeing Layla. God bless!
    ~ MariannReplyCancel

    • Meredith

      Well I owe that largely to you. Thank you so much for your guidance!ReplyCancel


    meredith… you are seriously blowing me away with your site and your projects. im asking santa for a sewing machine this year. that way i can practice all winter and have something to do. because we both know im not going out in the snow!
    love you miss you!ReplyCancel

  • Kayla

    You have inspired me to try hand quilting. Can you possibly create a post with YOUR process. How much to quilt, how to create seamless quilting (in other words where are the knots?)etc.ReplyCancel

    • Absolutely. I can’t tell you when this will be, but soon I’ll be doing a series on MY process of handquilting. I’m hoping to educate others on the art of it, and show that anyone can do it! I hope you’ll join me!ReplyCancel

  • Ceileigh Syme

    Thank you Meredith! I love your blog and your work is really, really beautiful. You have totally inspired me! I lost my mom about 2 years ago to pancreatic cancer and have not done anything creative since then. We always sewed or knit or made things together and it has just been too painful since I lost her. But you have really inspired me to get back to making things, sewing especially.

    I went to grad school in the UK, and by the end of my time there had a Liberty loyalty card and about as much as my education cost in Liberty fabric! So I really love seeing you use it! Where do you get it in the US? My boyfriend went to London this fall and got me a bunch of fabric (including the silk pear fabric, which I’ll just turn under the edges and wear as a scarf) but where can I get it here? We are going to Europe in the fall and I am planning the trip around time at Liberty!

    I loved the tank you made, do you have a pattern for that? Really, thank you Meredith, I love seeing your work and your sweet baby girl is too cute and BIG congrats on the pregnancy! I’ll be thinking good thoughts for you and can’t tell you how much what your doing has inspired and helped me!
    Take care and thanks so much!

    • Thank you for your kind words. I’m very sorry to hear about the loss of your mother.
      I’m totally jealous that you have basically unlimited access to Liberty! Its a bit more difficult to find here, but certainly not impossible. I get most of mine from Alice Caroline Supply on Etsy. She’s in the UK, but her shipping rates are incredibly reasonable, and her selection is pretty stellar. I also love Jones and Vandermeer. They have a good selection of lawn, and they ship free anywhere in the US on orders over $60. Their service is wonderful!! You can also find it at B&J Fabrics, Purl Soho, Pink Chalk Fabrics, and even at Fabric.com.
      Thank you for stopping by! Your words have been such an encouragement, and I hope you won’t be a stranger around here!ReplyCancel

  • meredith

    Hi Meredith! I’m a Meredith too :)
    Just stumbled onto your site & so glad I did, what a great site! I’ve had the feather (AMH) pattern printed & ready to go for many months, but keep pushing aside for other gift projects & now it’s time for a me project – so rare! And I find your tut! Yay! I have a great layer cake I’d love to use, do you think I could apply your same method & I’d basically wind up with 3?? feathers vs. the 7 you get from the 22in. pieces? Or I could piece 2 layer cake strips together to get a 19.5 strip? I just really want to use this layer cake LOL !! I’m finding I’ve bought a few layer cakes & but haven’t found really patterns for them :( Thanks for any insight! Also tried to find you on instagram but couldn’t… Be well & keep up the fun, inspiring projects! :)ReplyCancel

    • I think you could either just get three or four feathers from cutting strips from the layer cake, or piece two together to make more feathers at a time. Either way would work! I prefer to have as much variety in the feathers as possible, so cutting strips from the layer cake and getting the three or four feathers is most likely what I would do.
      PS- I’m thefooshe on Instagram. :)ReplyCancel

      • meredith

        Awesome! Thanks for the quick response & for the instagram info! Your work is so fun & fresh! BTW Loved your daughter’s room & Olivia! We have 2 rescue English bulldogs, just love those square heads & funny personalities! :) Oh on my previous note I meant to say I’m not finding great patterns for layer cakes, yet I seem to have bought a few cakes, do you have any great patterns you’ve come across? Thnx again! & happy sewing!ReplyCancel

  • Sarah

    What kind of sewing machine do you use/ recommend? I need a new one in the worst of ways.ReplyCancel

    • Hi Sarah. I use a Janome Memory Craft 9000, which is a 1997 model that I purchased a few years ago when it had a mere 10 hours of sewing time on it. It was originally a $3300 machine and I got it for next to nothing from a very reputable Janome enthusiast. I’ve loved this brand so much, and I love that I’ve used it nearly nonstop without a single hiccup. When the time comes for me to get another machine, I’ll most certainly go with this brand again. Mine is a combination sewing/embroidery machine, but I don’t use the embroidery part, and new machine with similar sewing [not embroidery] capabilities would cost about $1500 to give you an idea. I hope that helps!ReplyCancel

  • Thilde


    I stumpled upon your blog by coincidence while googling patchwork inspiration for my christmas tree quilt (to be placed under the tree).

    I am so inspired by your work. I have read the entire blog the past week while nursing, and now i can’t wait to make my own handquilted quilt. Thank yor for sharing!

    I am also impressed by how much you can make while watching your kid all day!

    Have you by any chance made a toturial of how you are doing the binding by hand?

    Thank you again for a very inspiring blog!

    – Thilde from DenmarkReplyCancel

    • Thank you so much for your kind words, Thilde! I’ve not done a tutorial on hand binding, but I would certainly be happy to do that! I’ll be working on a quilt in the coming week, so I’ll take some pictures of my process and post a tutorial soon. Thank you for asking, by the way! I never know what people want until someone asks. :)ReplyCancel

  • Marcia

    I’ve just discovered your website while searching for a feather pattern for a quilt for my first granddaugher who arrives in October. I really like your friendly blog and will return again and again for inspiration. Thanks.ReplyCancel

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