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It’s finally time for us to begin the Shift-a-long! We have a few things to go over today, including the big giveaway from our sponsors and this week’s assignment.  But first things first!! Do you have your pattern? If not you can get your hands on it a few different ways. Alison Glass is running […]

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  • Kaylyn O

    I found your quilt along through the Hawthorne Thread Newsletter. I love this pattern and the many many possibilities that come with color selection. I look forward to completing this with you!ReplyCancel

  • Margaret Halfpenny

    Beautiful assortment of fabrics and darling quilt pattern. Color possibilities are endless.ReplyCancel

  • Kirsten

    The First thing I opened this morning, while the house is still quiet, was a Newsletter from Hawthorne Thread. They are one of my all time Favorites and have never been disappointed with anything I have found or purchased. I was absolutely the happiest person around! There they were, your “Shifting Beauties”! I have been trying to try some patterns that I have never tried before, and what better time than now! I have some very special people in my Family, Actually…lol…all of them, that I want to have something special! I get so busy making gifts for other’s or gifts that family member’s want for others, that they have received the short end. They, of all people deserve my best, full of Love and Hope for a wonderful, well, everything! Life doesn’t always comply with such wishes, and if I’m not there in person to give Hugs, they should have a part of me to Wrap Them in a Hug! I can’t wait to get started. I’m warming up my stiff fingers and will be ready to go! Thank you for bringing something a bit fresh and different, for me and those I deeply love!ReplyCancel

    • Your comment is such an encouragement. Yes! Family are the most important, but it’s easy to deprioritize those who we feel we “have time” time to make for. I think you’ll love this pattern, and it’s a quick sew too! :) ReplyCancel

If you follow me on Instagram (thefooshe) you know this post is beyond overdue. I used the Shift quilt pattern (written by Alison Glass and I) to make a queen size quilt for my sister out of Anna Maria and Julia Horner’s fabrics. I backed it in one of my all time favorite AMH prints, […]

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  • Gorgeous quilt – how big did it end up?ReplyCancel

  • Jo-Anne Flink

    That is gorgeous! The colours are beautiful and the composition is dead-on. Well doneReplyCancel

  • Jo-Anne Flink

    The colours are beautiful and the composition is dead-on. Well done. It is gorgeous!ReplyCancel

  • emily

    i like the black! so dramatic!ReplyCancel

  • Grace Phillips

    Can’t wait to start the Shift A Long! Sounds like funReplyCancel

Did anyone wonder what happened to me? I have spent every spare moment working on a commissioned queen size quilt for one of my most favorite clients! She had a vision of a bold, Anthro-esque quilt. We went back and forth on the fabrics and decided on our palette. She has excellent taste! The quilt […]

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  • Lynne Tilley

    I love this quilt. Those bright happy colors, the pattern itself. It’s so gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.ReplyCancel

You are the month that really got away from me. At least, mentally. December began with what was probably my most major commission of the whole year. It was a rush job that had to be in the hands of the intended recipient by the 13th of the month. This gorgeous quilt was commissioned by […]

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  • Happy New Year, Meredith! I hope 2016 brings you blessings abound.ReplyCancel

  • Lauren

    Hi Meredith! I just found your blog while looking for some inspiration for an Anna Maria Horner sleep sack I’m planning for my little one. Your work is gorgeous! Can’t see what you make for 2016. Many blessings for the New Year!ReplyCancel

  • Lara

    Wow Meredith you accomplished so much in December!! I so hope that 2016 brings you many blessings and that you’re able to find the perfect home for your growing wee family. Much love xxReplyCancel

  • Sarah

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful work! I hope things go well for your family in 2016!ReplyCancel

  • emily

    Wow! The quilts are amazing. I had been waiting with baited breath to see the unveiling of the first quilt! Bravo!!!!ReplyCancel

Several weeks ago when I was working on my Market contributions, Alison Glass asked me if I would like to be a part of her Knit Stitch Along. She has just come out with a range of gorgeous knits (like the best quality I’ve seen on the market). Anyway, she wanted me to make a […]

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  • Sarah J.

    I love this! Thanks for sharing- I am putting it at the top of my “to make” list. You are a brave girl hiding Liberty- but it totally shines through in the end!ReplyCancel

  • Beautifully done. I love this! I actually *am* a total AC fan (although I am waiting until I (finally!) get down to the size I’d like to be before I make something that takes that many hours…) but I would never have thought to hide patchwork between layers of knit (and Liberty at that?!) Although it would take longer to sew – this would be an excellent use of improv – pieced scraps…. hmmm
    (how did you baste your layers?)ReplyCancel

  • Your blanket is so pretty! I had caught a look over on IG when you were making the patchwork and never would’ve thought this was the plan. I’m really temped to try this out, did you have it in a hoop to stitch up and how did you transfer the images on to the knit?ReplyCancel