That post I was supposed to write a week ago.

Its New Years Eve. That means its been ten days since I was supposed to write this post. Anyway, I want to give you updates on the winners for the Holiday Craft Bash. Our grand prize winner of the full Anna Maria Horner pattern collection is wildrachel23, who has made a huge amount of beautiful projects following the Craft Bash. The winner of the Cuzco fat quarter pack from Sewn Studio is emilysposetta. Congratulations to you both! We’ll be in contact so we can get those prizes out to you as soon as possible!

Now I have to show you what Santa brought me. I must have been nice this year because Santa sure was good to me.

I got the full bundle of Field Study that I’ve been waiting ever so patiently for since this time last year when Anna Maria gave a sneak peek of her initial moth drawings. I’m so thrilled to have it and cannot wait to cut into it!

Field Study stack

I also got another needlepoint kit! I’ve already started it. Its so nice to be needlepointing again; its such enjoyable, thoughtless entertainment like chatting with an old friend. I love it!

Needlepoint Kit

New Needlepoint

2012 has been such a wonderful year. Its been a whirlwind of a year, but good nonetheless. God has so richly blessed me and my family in the ways that He has seen fit which are better than the ways I see fit. I feel like I’ve accomplished much in sewing, growing my skill to learn much more than quilting; I love that I can say I’m a far more dynamic sewist than I was one year ago. I’m looking forward to learning even more in 2013 and sharing every step of it with you. This blog is such a driving force behind my need to create and make. Thank you stopping by and reading about my adventures. Thank you for supporting me. Have a beautiful New Year!


Let’s Talk Prizes, Shall We?

Today I want to dish about our grand prizes for the Holiday Craft Bash. Sewn Studio and Anna Maria Horner have very generously offered up prizes for two participants!


Our first prize comes from Anna Maria who is giving away a full set of her sewing patterns! That is thirteen patterns worth more than $185. This prize includes her very popular Multi-Tasker Tote, Ruthie Clutch, Painted Portrait Blouse and Dress, Art Student Tote, her brand new All Set Kids Patterns, and more! You can view her full collection of patterns here. I’m totally jealous that I cannot be entered in this drawing!

Study Hall Skirt


Multi Tasker Tote


Gathering Flowers Quilt


All Set Kids Pattern

Our second prize comes from Sewn Studio.

Smaller Sewn Logo JPEG

Sewn has very kindly offered up a fat quarter bundle of eleven prints from Kate Spain’s Cuzco collection!


How can you be entered to win one of these awesome prizes? Well you remember those 24 Christmas themed tutorials by Jessica, Jacey, Debbie, and I? All you need to do is make one or more of the projects from the Holiday Craft Bash, then head over to the Flickr Group and post your projects! Each project gets you a separate entry, so the more you make, the more chances you have to win!


To see all the projects, you can check out this page. There I have posted a picture of each of the 24 projects. Just click on a picture and it will take you right to the corresponding tutorial!

We will be drawing two winners on Friday, December 21st. Get those projects done so you can be entered to win!


Christmas Table Runner Tutorial

Hey everyone! I’m back from a long week away from the blog. I’ve got much to cover and a new tutorial for you. This week is the final week of projects in the Holiday Craft Bash! I can’t believe we’ve been at this for more than six weeks already! I do hope it has been fun for you and that you have been able to prepare your home for the holidays along with us.

Today I’m going to show you how to make my Christmas Table Runner. Totally a boring name, but a really fun project that you can complete in just a couple of hours!

Here is what you will need:

– 27 2.5″ assorted squares
– 2/3 yd muslin (or some solid color for the background)
– 1/2 yd for backing
– 1/4 yd for binding
– 18″ x 42″ batting

To get started, cut your muslin or solid background color into the following:

– 18 2.5″ squares
– 8 10.5″ x 2.5″ strips
– 2 14.5 x 2.5″ strips
– 2 34.5″ x 2.5″ strips

Layout your design to this effect: (ignore the x’s)

When you are happy with your layout, you can begin sewing your squares into rows. Sew together the squares vertically so that you are sewing 9 total pieced rows with 5 squares in each row. Press as you go.

Once you have pieced your rows with squares, sew the 10.5″ x 2.5″ strips in between each of the nine rows so that you end up with seventeen rows sewn together (9 pieced, 8 plain).

Now sew your 35.5″ x 2.5″ strips to the long ends of your pieced section. Then sew on the 14.5″ x 2.5″ strips onto the shorter ends of the pieced section.

You’ve completed the top! Now its up to you baste your top, batting, and backing and decide what you want to do concerning the quilting. You can quilt as much or as little as you like. I stuck with handquilting since that is what I’m most comfortable with. I stitched on little red x’s as cornerstones, then used an ecru Perle cotton to stitch rows inbetween the squares.

Once you have finished up the quilting, you can trim up your sides so that the batting and backing are even with the top. Stitch on your binding, and your table runner is ready!

Don’t forget to check out all the other projects from this final week of the Holiday Craft Bash!

Debbie made this beautiful table runner:

Jessica made some unbelievably cute Grinch themed placemats! I must make them!

Jacey made this gorgeous Zig Zag table runner. Her tutorial will be up tomorrow.

Remember to add any projects you have made with our tutorials in the Flickr group. That will make you eligible to win awesome prizes! More on those later this week!

Thanks for stopping by!





Santa Canvas Wall Hanging Tutorial

When I was dreaming up the Holiday Craft Bash, today’s project is the one that was most clear in my mind. Its that project I dreamed of and envisioned, and knew I had to copy the pictures my head as closely as possible. My Santa head canvas may be my very favorite Christmas project! It’s quick and easy, and the best part is that you can take the basic instructions and make whatever character you choose. You could make a penguin, reindeer, Frosty, or a tree. Whatever picture you dream up, you can use to make your own Christmas canvas. I’ll be giving you instructions to make a 24″ x 30″ canvas just like mine, but feel free to change up the size of the canvas to suit you.

Here’s what you need:

– 24″ x 30″ canvas
– 1 yd red fabric for background
– 1/2 yd white fabric for beard and hat trim
– 1/2 yd or large scraps of semisolid red for the hat and nose
– 2-3 skeins black embroidery floss for eyes
– 1 yd Wonder Under
– hammer and sawtooth hanger for hanging your canvas (mine came in a three pack from Home Depot)
– staple gun

First we’re going to draw out our design. You may find it easier to do this on graph paper. Draw out the shape of your canvas, then draw on your design. You’ll be using this as a guide for cutting the pieces for the canvas because it’s easy to scale on graph paper. Plus this gives you a good idea of what your finished canvas will look like.

From my drawing I know that I need a beard, and a hat. (I wanted to embroider the nose and eyes, but you may want to include a nose in your cutting since a space that large takes a lot of time to fill with embroidery stitches; I used French knots which took many hours to do.)

We’re going to start our cutting with the background. Cut out your background fabric so that it extends 3″ past each side of your canvas. My canvas is 24″ x 30″ so my background fabric is 30″ x 36″.

Now I want to cut out the beard. To do this, draw out the beard on the smooth (paper) side of the Wonder Under. Be sure that it does not exceed the size of the canvas or your background fabric. Cut the design out the Wonder Under, then fuse the rough adhesive side to your white fabric. Do not remove the paper. Using the Wonder Under as a guide, cut the design from the white fabric.

Repeat this step until you have cut your hat pieces and nose from the proper fabrics. Leave the paper in place on each of these pieces.

Position all of your pieces on the background fabric to your liking. Remember not to place these pieces all the way to edge of the fabric, as you have that additional 3″ on each side that you will need for wrapping.

Once you have a good idea of the arrangement you will use, you can remove the paper from the beard and fuse it right onto the background fabric. Repeat until you have fused all of your pieces.

 Now you are ready to sew. This step is super easy since all of your pieces are already stabilized onto the background. All you will be doing in the way of sewing is stitching a zig-zag stitch around all the pieces to ensure that they stay put. Just be sure to use a coordinating thread!

After you have finished up on the machine, you can grab a marking tool and your embroidery floss. Draw on Santa’s eyes, and use a satin stitch to fill in the space. You can fuse on some interfacing prior to embroidering if you want.

He’s looking pretty good, huh?

It’s time to mount your work onto the canvas. To do this, simply place the Santa head right side down on a table.

Place the canvas right side down on top of the Santa head and center as best you can. Fold under the raw edges of the fabric a bit, and fold back onto the back of the canvas. At the top center, staple in place. Pulling taut (but not stretching), fold under the raw edge and fold the fabric on the bottom side over the back of the canvas and staple in the center. Staple the top and bottom in the manner, keeping staples about 1″ apart until you are an inch or so away from the sides. Staple either side in the same manner as you did the top and bottom, neatly folding the fabric when you get to the edges. Staple the corners in place.

To attach the sawtooth hanger, simply center it at the top and hammer in place using the nails that came with the hanger.

Now find a good place for your canvas and adore your work! You’ve made a perfectly festive work of art.

 Be sure to check out the other projects from Week Five of the Holiday Craft Bash!

Jessica’s Frosty Advent Calendar

Debbie’s Christmas Tree Farm

Jacey’s Happy Tree’s Mini Quilt (will be up on her blog tomorrow!)

We would love for you to make your home ready for Christmas with us. If you make any projects from the Holiday Craft Bash, be sure to add them to the Flickr group! We’re excited to see what you make!




I’m popping in tonight to let you know we have a winner for the fat eighth bundles from Pink Castle Fabrics!

Congratulations to wildrachel23! I’ll contact you via Flickr mail to get your address! Thank you for crafting along with us for the holidays!


Week Five : Previews and Material Lists

Week Five of the Holiday Craft Bash starts on Monday. We’re excited to be bringing you four tutorials on the theme Wall Decor. We’ve all got something different, so I do hope you can pick one you love and create along with us!

Monday: Jessica from A Little Gray with her Frosty Advent Calendar

Materials Needed:
– 1/2 yd white felt (at least 27″ wide)
– 1/2 background fabric
– Small amounts of gray, black, red, brown, and blue felt.
– Black and white embroidery floss or perle cotton
– 3.5 yards jumbo ric rac trim
– 1/2 backing fabric
– 25 2.5″ squares of felt in colors of your choice

Tuesday: Debbie from Esch House Quilts with her Christmas Tree Farm Wall Hanging

Materials Needed:
– 12 1/2″ x 18 1/2″ background fabric
– scraps for trees (approx 3 1/2″ x 5″)
– binding: 2 2 1/2″ x WOF strips
– batting and backing: 15″ x 21″
– hanging triangles: 2 4″ squares of scrap fabric

Wednesday: Me with my Santa Head Canvas

Materials Needed:
Amounts depends on the size of the canvas you purchase. My canvas is 24″ x 36″, so I will give you the needed materials based on those dimensions.
– 1 yd red fabric for background
– 1/2 yd white fabric for beard and hat trim
– 1/2 yd or large scraps of semisolid red for the hat and nose
– 2-3 skeins black embroidery floss for eyes
– 1 yd Wonder Under

Thursday: Jacey from Jaceycraft with her Scrappy Christmas Tree Mini Quilt

No picture yet, but will update when I’ve got one.

Materials Needed:
– FQ neutral blender or solid
– scraps (prints and solids)
– bias binding or fabric to make binding
– batting

Hope you’ll join us next week!


Baby Carrier, Wiksten Tank Dress, a Pillow, and an Overview

It’s been a busy week between my part time job and crafting. I haven’t been blogging about personal crafting as much as I would like, so today I’m going to play catch up and show you several of the things I’ve made lately, and then I’ll go over some Holiday Craft Bash stuff.

First off, I want to show you the baby carrier I made for Layla’s baby, Lola.

She loves this baby very much, and since she [Lola] never ever has clothes on, she always looks a little nasty. If you have children, this needs no explanation. I thought the carrier from Little Things To Sew would allow Layla to carry her baby everywhere and spare me the embarrassment that comes when people tell Layla her baby needs a bath.

You know I’m head over heels for any pattern by the great Mrs. Leisl Gibson. The pattern was wonderful as always, and the carrier came together without a single problem. The lovely fabric is from Lucky Penny (more on that here). I’m a little head over heels for that fabric too. Its a dream to work with!

Now onto my Wiksten Tank Dress. I spoiled myself something serious with this AMH voile. I scoured the internet for it several months back and picked up a few yards. I had this dress in mind when I bought it, and now it is a reality. I love it! I don’t think the pattern is perfect for me, but I made it work by adding a belt and folding the fabric in strategic places.

 If you have a small waist and a big booty, this pattern is probably not ideal, but the pattern itself is rather addictive. So if you have the same body type as me and get the same hankering to try the pattern as I did, I do recommend a belt. – And a cardigan to complete the look!

I’m sure I’ll make myself more of these dresses. I’m learning more about garment sewing everyday, so once I get comfortable to alter and add darting and such without a pattern, I’ll be doing that to make this dress perfect for me.

Onto the pillow. As I said yesterday, those little Christmas trees are quite addictive once you get started. Wanting to make something new, I took that idea and elongated the tree pattern to make a pillow. I quilted around each tree, then did some straight stitching on the machine. I just want to tell you, when done right, straight stitching takes forever!!!! I had to pull those threads to the back and tie knots to secure the stitching, and by the time I was finished, I had invested several hours into this pillow. I do love it very much. I’m happy it’ll get to join this one at Christmas.

And speaking of Christmas, how goes the crafting? Are you getting a head start on the holidays with us in the Holiday Craft Bash? We’re posting four new projects every week. Here’s what we’ve made for you this week:

Jessica made these fabulous Peanuts Ornaments:

Debbie made this beautiful Joy Centerpiece:


I made these Christmas Tree Coasters:

Jacey made these Embroidered Gift Tags:

If you would like to see the other projects from the Holiday Craft Bash, head on over to the Flickr group and browse through the pictures. The pictures from Jessica, Debbie, Jacey, and me will lead you right to the corresponding tutorials. Don’t forget to post your project pictures to the Flickr group for a chance to win great prizes, like the fat eighth packs from Pink Castle Fabrics which will be given away on Monday.

Come on back tomorrow for a preview of next week’s projects. We’ll also have materials lists available for each project so you can gather your materials over the weekend and be ready once the tutorials are released.

Have a beautiful day!


Week Four : Christmas Tree Coasters Pattern

Tis the season for sweaters, hot cocoa, holiday cheer, and parties. Of course, hostess gifts are a must. And I’ve got you covered on that with today’s tutorial. We’ll be making Christmas tree coasters using the paper piecing method. I won’t be giving an in depth paper piecing tutorial since I’ve already written a tutorial on this method for a different project, but the pattern is free to use over and over for personal use. I will, however, show you how to assemble your coasters.  I’ve given you two different patterns, but you can use the plain tree pattern to draw up your own designs if you want the look of your trees to be different.

Its a very simple and quick project. I think each coaster will take 15-20 minutes (or less if you do them in batches like I do). I’ll throw out a warning to you: these things are addictive, so be prepared to gift them at all the parties you attend this season! :D

Materials List:

– Various scraps for the front of coasters
– 9″ x 9″ fabric for backing for four coasters (4.5″ square per coaster)
– 9″ x 9″ fabric of batting for four coasters (4.5″ square per coaster)
– rotary cutter and cutting mat
Christmas Tree Coaster Pattern

First of all, gather your scraps and come up with a basic plan/layout for your trees. Do all the paper piecing. Remember to trim your block 1/4″ away from the outside of the square all the way around to allow for your seam allowance. 

Once you have completed all your coaster tops, you’ll want to cut out backing and batting. You’ll need one 4.5″ square of batting and backing for each coaster, so cut accordingly.

Layer your pieces as follows: batting, coaster top right side up, backing right side down.

Sew a 1/4″ seam all the way around, leaving an opening of at least 2″ to allow for turning. Backstitch at the beginning and end of this seam.

Clip corners (but not into your stitching). Turn right side out, carefully poking out your corners so they are nice and square. Press well. Edgestitch all the way around, closing up that opening as you go.

 Wrap and bundle of these in ribbon, and you will have a wonderful hostess gift. Better yet, keep those for yourself and make more for all of your friends!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial!




I’m late blogging this week. Sorry! I’ve been trying to pick up some extra hours on the island, so that has slowed things down somewhat on the crafting front.

I want to announce the winner of the Christmas fabric bundle from last week: Amandahall25 Congratulations! I’ll be sending out Flickr mail shortly to get your address!

Now I want to tell you about this week’s prize bundle! Brenda from Pink Castle Fabrics has generously offered up two fat eighth bundles. They will be randomly chosen by her, but she has an amazing selection of fabrics, so they are sure to be great!

If you want to be entered to win those bundles, all you have to do is enter a project you’ve made from the tutorials from the Holiday Craft Bash to the Flickr group. There have been 14 so far, I think, so there are plenty to choose from! You can access the Flickr group with this button:

And you can browse through all the project tutorials that have been released. We still have two more for this week, then two more weeks of projects coming!

Thanks for crafting along with us!


Holiday Craft Bash : Week Three Preview and Material Lists

Are you ready for week four of the Holiday Craft Bash? This week we are taking on toys/gifty items. We’ve got a good mix for you!

 Monday: Jessica of A Little Gray 

No list or picture yet.

Tuesday: Debbie of Esch House Quilts with her Joy Centerpiece Tutorial

Materials Needed:

– Fabric A (center): 8″ x 8″
– Fabric B: 2 3.5″ squares and 4 3″ x 8″
– Fabric C: 4 3″ x 8″ and 4 2.5″ x 9″
– Binding: approx 60″ x 2.5″
– Batting and Backing: 22″ square

 Wednesday: Me with my Christmas Tree Coasters Pattern
 Note: My project will primarily consist of a free pattern and assembly instructions. The method of piecing you will need to know is paper piecing. If you need to brush up on this technique, glance over my Paper Piecing Tutorial. (I apologize for the awful pictures.)
Materials Needed:

– Various scraps for the front of coasters
– 9″ x 9″ fabric for backing for four coasters (4.5″ square per coaster)
– 9″ x 9″ fabric of batting for four coasters (4.5″ square per coaster)

 Thursday: Jacey of Jaceycraft with her Monogrammed Gift Tags Tutorial
No picture yet, but I’ll update when we have one!
Materials Needed:
– small linen and/or fabric scraps
– scraps of fusible interfacing
– baker’s twine or yarn scraps
– perle cotton or embroidery thread & needle
This week’s prize bundle is coming from Pink Castle Fabrics! More on that Monday.
Have a beautiful weekend and don’t forget to submit your project pictures to the Flickr group!