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Have you ever purchased a piece of fabric for a special project only to have it sit on a shelf waiting for when you are in the right mindset, the perfect size, or just done with everything else?  Well I purchased one of my all time favorite Liberty prints, Anna’s Garden, in fleece from DuckaDilly […]

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  • I just love that Liberty pattern and to have it on nice, cozy fleece! It certainly makes gorgeous tops for both of you! I just ordered some more Liberty cotton this morning – I received my first Liberty cotton ever yesterday and fell so in love with it I had to order more this morning. The feel of that Liberty cotton is really something to behold. No wonder everyone raves about it so much :)ReplyCancel

  • ErinH

    Beautiful sweaters! I had no idea Liberty came in flannel! Glad to hear you are all together again – it struck a chord with me as our most recent move involved hubby moving 6mo before me – I know the joy of being back together! Best wishes for your new adventure :)ReplyCancel

I think we can all relate the life things not going as we hope, plan, or expect. I suppose looking at it optimistically, one would point out that the unexpected things are what make life interesting and help us to grow. I didn’t plan to ever spend eight weeks apart from my best friend and […]

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  • Cynthia Palm

    Great post, Mere! The dress is darling, and it’s great that you have a open heart to hear your daughter, even after you went through the time, energy and cost to make it. I appreciate and am personally encouraged in my own motherhood by your candor.ReplyCancel

  • Laura

    I love this post. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that the best lessons in life are often learned the hard way…so thank you for the reminder!ReplyCancel

The past week has been spent trying to get into a groove that will work until moving time rolls around. Now that the sickness is out of our house, I think we are sort of getting there. Sort of. I’ve wrapped up my latest batch of custom orders with the Unicorn pillows, and after doing some packing […]

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  • Love this blouse! You did a beautiful job!ReplyCancel

  • If you did ever make a plain version you could use some of those liberty scraps for the pocket to give you a pop of liberty for fun.ReplyCancel

  • I love your blouse – I’m in blouse making mode myself these days getting ready for summer (I’m in Canada so it’s a ways away but never too early to get ready!) and sleeveless is my favourite for summer blouses. I love this print too – Liberty does cotton like most others do silk :)ReplyCancel

Its week number two of this single parenting gig. I’m going at it as the only adult in charge, but I’m so thankful my husband is only a phone call away. We’ve spent the entire time he’s been away battling sickness. Me and the kids. All sick.All that to say crafting has been different -slower- […]

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  • Dalia

    I found your blog quite a while ago, because I have my own little boy to sew for. I just wanted to say that your last post touched me a lot, even though I didn’t come round to comment. You and your husband are quite brave and I am so glad it is working out for you! You have beautiful children!ReplyCancel

Sunday marked the beginning of a long transition. Justin left at 1am to travel to our new place in Tennessee. Going into it, its all been so fast, but I knew it would be incredibly hard. The longest I’ve been apart from him was when he was working six days a week doing two full […]

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  • i love that blouse! i am going to have to look into making it. all the prints you chose are adorable. i’m glad you have sewing to keep you busy during this transition. xo.ReplyCancel

  • Sarah

    Hang in there! I’m rooting for you.ReplyCancel

  • emily

    you’re a rock star!!!ReplyCancel

  • Meredith I just had to say how much I LOVED your blouse. Beautiful fabric choice to go with that pattern. I’ve been in blouse making mode myself over the past couple of months so I’ve been looking out for more ideas re patterns and fabric. There is nothing so nice to wear when the weather is hot than a light, crisp clean cotton top!ReplyCancel